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Is There A Road map To Perpetual Motion  or Is it Revelation?                    

 Perpetual motion impulse possesses its own momentum and has reached out the world across every frontier. Perpetual motion is universal. The intuition of perpetual motion is also universal, the same for all, in spite of the difference of time, place and language. If the identity of the ideas is discovered amidst diversity in other respects such as age climate, language and time, we have the greatest evidence for the truth of those ideas. For example, if statement of the Orffyreus “gravity is ever flowing river” is compared with similar statement of Deva Ramananda “perpetual river of gravity reaches to Great Void”, we get the conviction that gravity is the inexhaustible source of energy. Similarly conception of perpetual motion e.g. we have Rg Vedic statement “We desire to draw from a copious fountain where water flows freely, inexhaustible.” Or Lao-Tzu statements- “The way is empty, yet use will not drain it. It is empty without being exhausted.  The more it works the more comes out” – shows that mystic intuition of perpetual motion is universal.

I do not see any clear   road map to my invention with exact time line. However, I would like to provide some outline of my attempt  and some reflections keeping the description in accord with scientific norms without showing you those weird things in my mind and heart, which I held fast for years while journeying towards  this discovery. To me perpetual motion machine is just not an invention, it is a revelation! To me perpetual motion is a sacred truth of nature! I have reared  to explore perpetual motion. I have spent my energy through a process of filling up with energy, moving ahead in the light of  intuitions and coincidences, filling up again and moving ahead again.  I have lived, grown, and evolved with the invention. Deep connection of my consciousness with the invention has ramifications in various directions .It will never be possible to express in words what actually took place and how did it go.  It has been something beyond the realm of the mind and, therefore beyond the expression of name and form.  Therefore, it is difficult to show you the exact road map in all its details.  The creativity which invention of perpetual motion demands is not rewarded simply by training in scientific method.  Perpetual motion represents a whole, which is greater than the sum of its parts, to understand a whole you need to go beyond the realms of science.  With conflict between the heart and brain, you can never appreciate perpetual motion.  I let both faith and reason to be followed.   Intellect has only one state, reason, and within that, intellect works.  It is the heart, which takes one to the highest plane, which intellect can never reach; it goes beyond the intellect and reaches to what is called - inspiration.  Equally, there are some queer experiences which I do not wish to include in my description here because you will think they belong to domain of the paranormal world, I don't wish to express them here for I feel bound with our scientific faith, therefore I put aside all those thoughts which fall outside the domain of scientific expression.  I do not really understand how it  happened to me but I think at that time an intuitive wisdom worked out it. I always wonder where did the strength come from to go against established doctrines of science and set my life to achieve this difficult task.  I have more than hundred inventions in my mind but there never was another like perpetual motion machine  and I do not know that ever will be any more like it. If I have made any valuable progress, it has owed more to patient attention for a prolonged period and perseverance aided by the intuitions,which always guided me to a right path, I believe, than to any other thing. I had only necessary courage to break away from the long established laws in light of new data, evidence, and experience. I flatter myself that I could never have done this did I not contain within my complex nature the two elements of scientific skepticism and spiritual sensitivity, elements which usually range themselves in sharp conflict and flagrant opposition.

Moreover, how a perpetual motionist who seeks to create his exciting machine in this anti perpetual age can proceed to describe his invention?  There is little scope he can depend upon the scientific knowledge as it lays out no path to perpetual motion. Scientific knowledge has left no room for the perpetual motion. Long back, perpetual motion faced crucifixion when science had founded its one of the most powerful laws – the law of conservation of energy.  We all know how Science, its basic principles, concepts, and theories reject the perpetual motion like the mad dog who has strayed in someone's gentle man's home.  Therefore, what perpetual motion inventor can really describe is only what the tools of invention are.  Nevertheless, as with any extraordinary physical artifact, a powerful conceptual artifact that can lead to a great invention does not just come from the hands of those who have the proper popular tools and methodology - or even necessarily from those who are good with the tools - but is rather a special creative act that remains mysterious and wondrous.  Perpetual motion, which, at a first glance, erroneously seems to to scientists to be the   work of an ignorant  mechanic  has profound underlying subtleties and it is surely precious.  Without aesthetic sense and without openness, it is difficult to appreciate the idea of perpetual motion and proceed to invent it. Invention is a creative process of the imagination, it might be helpful to you if I set out a few personal reflections on invention by recalling my own experience here.  I would take every care so that I do not appear to be a stupid to my readers.

Process of invention is an act of art as much as of science. Great scientists have described their discovery  in the sciences not in logical terms, but rather expressed in words like intuition, guess, feels right, elegance, that we associate with the arts.  The realms of science and art have been separated since the Greek revolution- the one logical and dedicated to the search for universal truths; the other mysterious, affective, and dedicated to the search for beauty.  Science has traditionally been viewed as objective, representing the rules of the external world, while art has been personal, portraying the individual artist’s perspective on a reality full of emotional overtones.  In addition, while all art can be said to replicate reality, even the most "realistic" represents a personal vision of that reality.  Today, science seems to be getting more logical and rigid in its attempt to form its consensus on the way the world works and she is seeking more and more divorce from some grand truths.  At the same time, the arts seem to be moving further and further away from what we think of as reality in their search in "abstraction” for collective visions.  Perpetual motion, which is purely mechanical, dramatically links invention to  the arts with those of the sciences, suggesting us that these great domains may indeed be much more tightly connected then we might have imagined.  Perpetual motion, which is unique and great, looks no division; no boundaries between knowledge because creativity involves combination of elements from different places,  a perpetual motionist simply choose them to produce his work.

How do we know when an invention is unique?  We know by how beautiful it is!  We know by how simple it is.  We know how useful it is to the society, we know how aesthetically it exalts us when we deeply probe into the invention and its mysteries which Grand Nature already display us and stimulate us to find out the  fundamental mechanism of its working. 


 I Took a Different Path


I do not bother what I may appear to the world. I do not know how I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have only been   a perpetual motionist with my PMMs and lot of junk around them. When people ask me about my profession, my answer is: "a perpetual motionist "without any shame and guilt at first, of course, later I formally introduce myself as a Associated Professor  in chemistry. In addition to my real job, I took a different path and always enjoyed being a leisure-time perpetual motionist. I know there are many things in my own life that make me wonder, but above all, is the wonder that I have taken a different path. Sometimes, I think what if I didn’t take a different path. I know I would be a different person than I am now.  It reminds me a beautiful poem written by Robert Frost, ‘The Road not Taken’, he ended it with some great lines, and I think they are something for me to think about.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.


Why does scientist tend to reject perpetual motion? It is probably fear of failure. Why all of them stick to law of conservation of energy? Why none of them ever attempt to construct a perpetual motion machine? Why all of them take the road 'most' traveled? Why all of them have fallen in the rut of law of conservation of energy? It is probably fear of failure, fear of the unknown, not wanting to try a difficult experiment and be a loser. It seems safer to go the easy road-- or what they think will be easier. They might get lost on that unbeaten pathway. If they have a dream of perpetual motion, they get scarred, it might fail, after all it’s a big dream of entire civilization. For them, it is simply easy to ridicule perpetual motion that makes no one a genius,  but it requires daring to enter into perpetual motion, try hard to invent it and get success.


One can truly say that the irresistible progress of natural science, before its establishment, was inspired by prospects of perpetual motion and alchemy, the fountains of science.    After their poisoning by a number of infidels including leading scientists and philosophers, and subsequently the rejection of perpetual motion  and alchemy by them  without any sound reasons along with the establishment of law of conservation of energy,  it seems, it is  now  really critical period for science; for theories like relativity and thermodynamics, indicating the unsoundness of our scientific system, create cynical feelings among us and fail to inspire us  that has obviously caused progress of science thwarted for a century.


Scientists who claim to have the genius needed to create scientific laws, but we know, on shaky foundations for the sake of name and fame, only look small as compared to the Orffyreus. Perpetual motionist like Orffyreus  uses his gifts to create extraordinary things which no one has created and to demonstrate that which already does not exist. If a good fairy came and offered me option, asking me which gifts I would rather have, those to make relativity theory, to create some great law of science like  conservation of energy to ensure myself to become a Nobel laureate, and thus, a scientific hero like Einstein  or instead become  Orffyreus,  to create  a thing like Gravity wheel which never exists so far, which is fraught with failures, which seems impossible and inconceivable to scientistswhich no man has ever seen before, the wonder of which can awaken even the dead, oh, our long cherished  great gravity wheel,  I would certainly  be tempted to choose the latter.


Perpetual motion is simply the ordering of simple parts,  that can also achieved by  the happy coordination of the simple machines we all already know. It is bringing and putting them together precisely so we can obtain motion which is never halted. This is ‘creation’ for the ‘creation’ of more matter and energy out of no-thing and finds its analogy in Nature, where the beautiful patterns are being created through  elements which are combined in certain ways to give us cycles of nature, making of stars and galaxies. Perpetual motion predicts that these and many different kinds of universe will be created out of nothing.


Part of the strength of perpetual motion is that it has tended to attract adventurous individuals who love truth and the creation of anything most challenging.  ... What is so special about the make-up of a perpetual motionist? It is undoubtedly his intuition of “infinite”. His perpetual motion machine that creates energy out of no-thing convinces him that the energy we seek in objects does not really come from the object but eventually from the “infinite”. This understanding frees us of the need to pursue objects as a particular source of energy. Similarly, Vedanta teaches us that the joy we seek in objects does not come from the object but from within ourselves as we all are made in the image of god and our ‘self ‘ is continuum of the “infinite”. Thus, it is the intuitive process which is at the core of the vitality, persistence and integrity of perpetual motion that has itched nerves of minds of the thousands of the inventors to invent a perpetual motion throughout the ages. Alas, poor physicist would forever fail to understand us,  our  art and mission.


Our free energy Guru Nikola Tesla, who was influenced by Vedanta through his contacts with Swami Vivekananda, once remarked: “I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.”


Certainly, Perpetual motion, one of the most astounding practical invention, will, at once, give us unbounded joy by providing ‘infinite energy’ and creating the fine Prospects for the timeless travel into boundless space.

 I intuitively believed in the possibility of perpetual motion right from the beginning. I would like to quote here few lines from my old notes which I wrote some 35 years before.


" ...... I believe in perpetual motion machine because my feelings, wishes and emotions as well as host of my unconscious desires and impulses, seem to be responsible for all that I believe. No doubt, there is much role of intuition, yet on no account does it minimize the work of my reason, which consists in formulating the justification or proof of what I believe.  The guesses of our beliefs may lie in irrational sources, but the justification and maintenance of them, as well as the refutation of the counter beliefs or no beliefs is the work of the reason. It may be contended again that a person who has the ground of the experience for his belief may not require intellect to prove his belief. I believe in perpetual motion because I have faith in my own conscience ..........."


It is now some decades since I set myself the task of subjecting phenomena of gravity to the methods, which have yielded many spectacular results about nature of gravity hitherto unexplained. The object I then had in view was the free fall of weights and investigations into system of weights, in the widest sense of the term. Dissatisfied with the ambiguities and subtleties of metaphysical dialectics which scientist often advance in a vain attempt to prove law of conservation of energy which in all matters related to transformation of energies is still made basis for science, but which, instead of explaining anything, only succeed in further mystifying an already obscure subject, I proposed to myself the attempt of reinventing Orffyreus’ Gravity wheel popularly known as over-balancing wheel.  It was fortunate, perhaps, that I was quite   ignorant of the difficulties and dangers which had been before me, or else I might have shrunk from the challenging task. I may say, however, that the greatest difficulties are not in the facts I have attempted to investigate, but in the general conceptions concerning them. It is no small matter to rid the mind of its preconceived notions, deep-rooted both in thought and speech, having their origin in the remote past. It is in connection there with that I had to fight the hardest battles; but, as I have every reason to believe, I didn't make any significant progress  until I had managed to get rid of nearly the whole of subjective element together in the laws of science; a subject of which I have spoken in considerable details in subsequent volumes of EEC series. This once accomplished, my task became comparatively easy. Instead of pondering on the reining laws of mechanics and investing no faith into them, I set about the investigation of system of weights which forms the integral structure of an over-balancing wheel. I studied fall of weights onto wheel, individual, in pairs and in many combinations, collected and collated facts, arranging them according to their similarities, and regardless of previous results. It was while engaged in this task, groping my way step by step from the simpler combination of weights and their combined reactions to their more complex manifestations, deductions and  as I went along, and grouping all related observations under generalizations, carefully verifying each step before taking the next. With all this, I hope that  that I would  reach a final and successful design of overbalancing wheel that can impart many generalizations regarding basic nature of energy which would have  their  basis in my experiments with over balancing wheel.



I have always undertaken to construct my gravity wheel with the confident assumption that the Solar system follows the laws of perpetual motion   which God established at ‘creation’. My experiments with perpetual motion   are performed with the confidence that law of conservation of energy is a fiction.  With hard work and partnership with nature, I believe that at some moment God will capriciously reward my labours through some fortuitous event.


Let me return to the perpetual motion   of our solar system. It would indeed be a great delusion, if anyone stated that planets encircling the sun are there by chance.  Ah, from perpetual motion point of view that would be superficial and meaningless indeed! We are erroneously told, these planets which operate by power of gravity and inertia once were part of Sun and when they separated they already acquired motion that still continues to the present that  we now find it as absurd or in fact, very hard to believe.  Planets do not acquire power from the past but generate it in the present by magnificent mechanism of perpetual motion, it is  very clear as I have frequently demonstrated. Deva Ramananda had it constantly in mind that the closer we get to know the secret of perpetual motion, the clearer is the understanding we obtain of the processes of nature, and its harmony and system, according to which all things appear to have been created out of no-thing, i.e. not at the expense of already existing stores of energy and matter as dictated by putative law of conservation of energy .Creation, conservation and dissolution, everything in nature is apparent. Nothing is lost and nothing is created in the operations of art as those of nature as ultimately nature thrives on the power of “Brahma, Great Void, or you can call it even God. Our perpetual motion is just a step to realize the “ultimate reality” by through the  way of invention.