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Dangers of Rascal Being Wise

In his book “Life Comes from Life”, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada (1696-1977) says that science is cheating people for the past two or three hundred years. …. "This is problem. Rascals and fools are passing as scholars, scientists and philosophers, and therefore, the world is being misguided." According to him, “There is no question of the conservation of energy, because energy always exists.” He exclaims how wonderfully Krsna’s energy is working. ‘Isvasyam idam sarvam’ - Everything is God’s creation. He alludes to Isopanisad Invocaction: 

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada chants the Isopanisad Mantra


Om purnamadah purnamidam Purnatpurnamudacyate  l

Purnasyapurnamadaya Purnam evavasisyate  ll


Srila Prabhupada  comments further on the meaning of Mantra:

“The meaning of this verse is that although everything emanates from the personality of Godhead, He never diminishes. Here on earth petrol is running out, and this is becoming a terrible problem, but the Sun is still shining and will continue to shine for an untold number of years. And Krsna can create millions of Suns; He has already done so.” Krsna is so perfect that if you take from krsna all of Krsna’s energy, all the energy is still with Him. That is perfect conservation of energy.”


It should be noted that  being the devotee of 'Krsna', he regards god  'Krsna' as similar to "Brahma"-the 'ultimate reality', the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, the ultimate  source of everything. The literal meaning of mantra is that "if you take whole ( purna or Sunya = 0) out of the whole, it remains whole." Universe being a system of perpetual motion behaves like a "whole", inexhaustible and is self sufficient in matters of matter, motion and energy. The bugaboo of energy crisis arises due to ignorance of man of   the true  nature of energy, and of Nature's Majestic arts like perpetual motion that can create matter and energy out of 'no-thing'.


In this world, we are limited by our thoughts. It is natural for anyone to be partial to one's own ideas. But because of this partiality, we often fail to recognize that the idea of others may be bigger and better ones. When we learn to be open-minded and not opinionated about anything, we grow in understanding and wisdom. A person is mentally free when his judgment is no longer influenced by the prejudice, custom, conventions that are imposed on him by the environment, his natural and rational background.Alas! open-mindedness and  impartial inquiry will remain myth of science as long as false theories like    relativity and thermodynamics continue to rein science, and on the other hand, perpetual motion and free energy concepts continue to be suppressed by science and the vested interests.   

Recently, “Higgs-Boson”, very much rhapsodized as 'god particle' and  claimed to be discovered by physicists  at CERN, is in the news. The hype created by media as one of the greatest discoveries has caused us to think seriously about, where science is going and who is mainly responsible for this chaotic state of affairs in physics? At present, the state of physics seems to be in disorder because physicists, under intoxication of law of conservation of energy and relativity theory, have come to regard and describe things like “Higgs boson”, which actually does not exist, as virtually ‘real’, but a concrete mechanism, like perpetual motion that really exist in nature, they regard as non-existent, and also its invention, they erroneously consider as will o wisp and ‘impossible’. Because of sacrosanct nature of the theory of relativity, cosmology has become  littered with speculative concepts and theories   like  Big Bang, expansion of the universe, dark energy etc that   have no scientific validity when examined impartially.


In his thought provoking article, “The Fraud with the Higgs-Boson. A Scientific Explanation” Dr. Georgi Stankov has stated:


“The whole dilemma of present-day physics arises from the fact that the Orionite physicists have introduced the concept of “mass-less photons“. This fraudulent idea was first introduced through the theory of relativity by postulating that if a photon would have a mass when it will be accelerated with the speed of light, its mass will become extremely big and this is not possible. This is the reversal of any human logic, as photon space-time is only the medium which propagates electromagnetic waves, so that there is no net movement of mass in form of particles.”


 Dr. Georgi Stankov says further “Even the Zionist falsifier Lederman could not hide this truth when he wrote in his book “The God Particle ” in 1993 (p. 23):


“The Higgs-Boson is the primary reason for the building of the super collider”


 Actually, it is matter of getting funds that motivates relativists to raise costly projects, under pretext of experimentation, to know the structure and the working of the universe.   Who is ultimately responsible for all this sad state of affairs in physics?  He is none other than Guru  Albert Einstein and his putative theory of relativity.





In the beginning of the 20th century, when Guru Einstein performed rites of his 'thought experiments', the theory of relativity virtually exploded flooding the  supermarket of modern physics. In the beginning, Guru Einstein’s equation E=MC2 created no big stir within the circle of physicists and mathematicians.  But, in 1919, when Guru Einstein   got his newly developed general theory of relativity verified, not only he became the super hero of science overnight, but also the greatest man of the 20th century ! We shall study the process of his cosmic unfoldment in becoming a world priest of physics and study main principles and characteristics of his priest-craft which are in general agreement with esoteric Tantric methods.  The mystery that surrounds his occult equation E=MC2  is no less than any Enneagram in Tantric Alchemy. Today the equation E=MC2 continue to serve as the central symbol of Einstein’s occult school of relativity. We shall see later to analyze that the equation is really the culmination of outpouring of Einstein’s “cosmic religious feelings” and also outcome of his spurious plagiarism unparalleled in the history of physics or religion.  However, the strongest objection to relativity is not aimed at its spuriousness of its supposed origin and its falsity, also not aimed at its theoretical aridity and sterility, but above all, the objection is aimed at amazing vitality of the theory of relativity in keeping the generations of physicists blind, conditioned and hypnotized for centuries without a desire to review it critically and take some courage to see the truth of perpetual motion and falsity of  relativity . In short, truth and cognitive power contained in Einstein’s interpretation of the energy and mass is virtually nil. Even if we accept Einstein’s general theory of relativity - we gain nothing from him to understand the real nature of the gravity as explained by the gravity wheel of the Orffyreus. The guru-trickster's teaching is encoded in the glyph of his perpetual changing field equations of gravity dealing with motion of objects in a gravity field, but unfortunately, his strenuous work with field equations that stretched over a decade even do not provide the slightest hint that gravity can serve as the practical source of inexhaustible source of energy as demonstrated by the gravity Wheel of the Orffyreus to serve our practical purpose. Suffice to say, there are no correspondences between the relativity and reality as between perpetual motion- Vedanta and ultimate reality. 

Einstein centered among his sycophants

Baron C.P. Snow on the Scientific Works of Albert Einstein


“Einstein, twenty-six years old, only three years away from crude privation, still a patent examiner, published in the Annalen der Physik in 1905 five papers on entirely different subjects. Three of them were among the greatest in the history of physics. One, very simple, gave the quantum explanation of the photoelectric effect—it was this work for which, sixteen years later, he was awarded the Nobel prize. Another dealt with the phenomenon of Brownian motion, the apparently erratic movement of tiny particles suspended in a liquid: Einstein showed that these movements satisfied a clear statistical law. This was like a conjuring trick, easy when explained: before it, decent scientists could still doubt the concrete existence of atoms and molecules: this paper was as near to a direct proof of their concreteness as a theoretician could give. The third paper was the special eory of relativity, which quietly amalgamated space, time, and matter into one fundamental unity. This last paper contains no references and quotes no authority. All of them are written in a style unlike any other theoretical physicist's. They contain very little mathematics. There is a good deal of verbal commentary. The conclusions, the bizarre conclusions, emerge as though with the greatest of ease: the reasoning is unbreakable. It looks as though he had reached the conclusions by pure thought, unaided, without listening to the opinions of others. To a surprisingly large extent, that is precisely what he had done.”


Above quote from Baron C.P. Snow, Variety of Men (1966), 100-1.


Einstein speculated about the nature of gravity and constructed his general theory of relativity. He also constructed model of static universe, later when the evidence of expanding universe was given by Hubble, Einstein admitted that static universe was the biggest blunder of his career. On the other hand, Orffyreus experimented with gravity and invented his Gravity wheel. We have a close correspondence between the theoretical and the practical here, especially, when we consider action of gravity and the  principle of harmony that play a significant role in both, a theoretical model of the universe as well a practical model of the universe demonstrated by Orffyreus’  gravity wheel. Let us compare the two.

The Einstein field equations (EFE) or Einstein's equations are a set of 10 equations in Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity which describe the fundamental interaction of gravitation as a result of space-time being curved by matter and energy.


Bessler Wheel practically demonstrate creation of energy and power as a result of fundamental interaction of gravitation with heavy weights mounted on flexible levers along with other well arranged parts that lead to harmonious design of machine. Bessler Wheel also demonstrates the fact that “Whole” which is greater than sum of its parts.


The Einstein field equations, also known as  Einstein-Hilbert equations, or simply Einstein equations are equations that describe gravity in the classical sense. They are named after Albert Einstein and David Hilbert. The fundamental  idea is to use geometry to model the effects of gravity. Mathematics students know that the usual form of the equations is that of nonlinear partial differential equations. Such equations are usually solved by approximation. Unless  certain assumptions are dropped, or simplified, an exact solution cannot be obtained in special cases.


The Bessler Wheel is the special case of a machine that can't be understood unless fundamental concepts and laws  of physics are dropped. Bessler Wheel is like space-time singularity where the laws of physics cease to apply.  The Bessler wheel or Orffyreus' wheel consisting of set of four cross bars and eight weights describes perpetual motion under the influence of gravity. It is named after Councillor Orffyreus (1681-1745). In his gravity wheel,  the fundamental idea is also to use geometry of the wheel to obtain perpetual motion by effects of gravity. The usual form of Orffyreus perpetual motion is a wheel mounted on the supports which carries eights weights mounted on flexible levers with appropriate degree of freedom and constraints. Guided by curvature of spokes, weights make back and forth motions as well as they move in an elliptical orbit like geodesics along which planets move. Here we have restricted these geodesic lines with mechanical framework of steel.  In nature, geodesic lines are curvature of the space, along which celestial bodies move. Such wheels are invented by extraordinary persons only who have great insights in the working of the nature. They are not easily influenced by the authority and are always ready to drop traditional way of thinking, outdated concepts and assumptions.

In spite of claims of Orffyreus that his machine was simple, inventors have found it quite complicated. Similarly, despite the simple appearance of the Einstein’s field equations they are, in fact, quite complicated.


Although the Einstein field equations were initially formulated in the context of a four-dimensional theory, some theorists have explored their consequences in n dimensions. Although the Orffyreus gravity wheel was initially designed in the context of a three-dimensional perpetual motion to obtain free power imparted by a simple mechanism, some free energy enthusiasts have sought the role of high physics in the working of  it and  explored its consequences in n dimensions, zero point energy by applying quantum mechanics as well as theory of relativity, especially equation E=MC2. .


 While formulating his field equations, a theoretical physicist is required to determine the all kinds of tensors of space-time for a given arrangement of stress–energy in the space-time and  gauge fixing degrees of freedom etc. On the other hand, a practical perpetual motionist while designing his perpetual motion machine is required to determine Curvature of the spokes, tensions of the springs, geometry of the weights and wheel to ensure the working of his perpetual motion wheel.


It is unfortunate that physicists are still indulging in the field equations,  and out of their ignorance, they still regard perpetual motion as something impossible. Physicists don’t know that combined reactions of natural forces and clever combinations of simple machines still have many surprises in the vast store of nature for us. The Kingdom of Heaven is won when you learn the secret of perpetual motion and then, all kinds of mystic experiences follow.


Be it an atom, or Universe or a Orffyreus' gravity Wheel, one of the fundamental mechanisms by which cyclical perpetual motion can be affected is the periodic expansion and contraction of system under influence of gravity or electromagnetic force etc. In other words, in a popular language, we are required to create a kind of perpetual pulsation in a particular field of force.


A perpetual motionist while constructing his gravity wheel need to introduce principle of balance and harmony to ensure and maintain periodic expansion and contraction of the system, otherwise his gravity wheel would cease to work because of inherent instability of the system. The principle of “Advantageous Change of the Centre” formulated by Edward Somerset, II Marques of Worcester ensures the preponderance of the moments on one side of the wheel, but it must be used skillfully to affect uniform expansion and contraction of the  wheel. A perpetual motionist is, therefore, required to prevent excessive expansion and contraction of the system in one direction. An uniform expansion and contraction of the system can only  be achieved by the proper symmetry of the wheel, proper distance of weights from the centre, their proper spatial placement in three dimensions,  proper pairing and over-balancing, proper yoking of cross-bars, right proportions of lengths of lever, proper flexibility of the springs and above all proper timing. In the absence of balance and harmony among these elements, the gravity wheel will refuse to move forever. It would then represent only a failed static model of Universe like that theoretically formulated  by Albert Einstein.  It must be noted that we are here dealing with practical problem of obtaining perpetual motion, nevertheless, since a Gravity Wheel represents the replica of the working of the Universe, in a broader way, same principles also apply to construction of a theoretical model of universe in which theoretical physicists are more interested.


It is important to note that because of the lack of balance and harmony Einstein’s theoretical model of static universe failed to work because of its inherent instability; according to his field equations, a precarious balance and harmony had to be maintained between gravitational attraction and repulsion to prevent either expansion or contraction of the universe.

In relativist's cult, the occult equation E=MC2 and space warp continues to be worshiped, and even after a lapse of century, their perpetual testing is used to justify or "explain" the need of further research in the sacrosanct field of relativity, largely with an intention to loot big funds from the government and suppress other fields of the research like free energy and perpetual motion that directly relate to welfare of mankind unlike the theory of relativity. 

Einstein's relativity was not accepted by a number of his contemporaries. Rutherford, widely known as the 'father of nuclear physics', considered it to be nonsense. Rutherford remarked that "any Anglo-Saxon would have the sense to see that the theory of Relativity is nonsense”.

Einstein smoking

Columbia University astronomer and professor Charles Lane Poor in his articles of 1922,'26 & '30 rejected the claims of Eddington, i.e., that observations of the 1919 South American solar eclipse verified Einstein's predicted gravitational attraction of light. According to Poor,  through selective manipulation of data, the "proof" espoused by Eddington, the mouthpiece of Einstein in England,  brought Einstein his first acclaim and greatest fame.

Professor C.L. Poor had good reasons to  criticize the theory of relativity :

“The Relativity Theory strikes directly at our fundamental concepts as to the structure of the universe; its conclusions are startling and completely upsetting to our common-sense way of looking at physical and astronomical phenomena. To have such a theory accepted, it would seem that the evidence in its favour must be overwhelming, that the experiments cited by its supporters must be clear-cut and admit no other solution. The burden of proof should be on the relativist, and it should be clearly shown in each case of experiment, cited by him, that the relativity theory is necessary and sufficient explanation; it should be established beyond no reasonable doubt, not only that the phenomena can be explained by the Relativity Theory, but that no other hypothesis or theory can equally well account for the observed facts.
“Has this been done?”

No, and never, it shall be done because it cannot be done.

George Francis Gillette, author of the book "spiral universe." had unbounded admiration for Newton, he praised him as the greatest mental genius, but he harshly criticized Einstein’s theory of Relativity as follows. 

 Excerpts from the book : FADS AND FALLACIES IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE by MARTIN GARDNER, Chapter: "Down with Einstein" Dover Publications, Inc., New York


"Einstein a scientist?" he asks. "It were difficult to imagine anyone more contrary and opposite to what a scientist should be.... As a rational physicist, Einstein is a fair violinist."

Martin Gardner comments: "Relativity is given such labels as "moronic brain child of mental colic," "cross-eyed physics," "utterly mad," "the nadir of pure drivel," and "voodoo nonsense." By 1940, he (Gillette) predicted (writing in 1929), "the relativity theory will be considered a joke." "Einstein is already dead and buried, alongside Andersen, Grimm, and the Mad Hatter."

Martin Gardner further comments: “As might be anticipated, Gillette feels keenly the rejection of his views by what he calls the "orthodox oxen" of science. There is "no ox so dumb as the orthodox" he complains. They are the "would be scientists," the "built up favorites of publishers." They are "the reverse of true scientists. They are droll." It is all due to "their being cramped within Homoplania, ignorant of ultimotically related sub and supraplanias."



In 1931, Father Callahan published his proof of the parallel postulate—a 310- page work titled Euclid or Einstein. Father Callahan, a genius in mathematics, "proved" the parallel postulate; he also discovered a method of trisecting the angle! He also worked on the duplication of the cube and the squaring of the circle, but apparently he didn’t succeed in these two efforts.


Father Callahan’s stated: "We certainly cannot consider Einstein as one who shines as a scientific discoverer in the domain of physics," Callahan writes, "but rather as one who in a fuddled sort of way is merely trying to find some meaning for mathematical formulas in which he himself does not believe too strongly, but which he is hoping against hope somehow to establish... . Einstein has not a logical mind."


Martin Gardner comments: “Reverend Callahan finds unintended humor in the "mental fog" and "huddle of meaningless words" which make up Einstein's geometry. "Sometimes one feels like laughing," he declares, "and sometimes one feels a little irritated, that such a hodgepodge could be seriously accepted anywhere for thought. . . . But there is no use expecting Einstein to reason." Again: "His [Einstein's] thought is but odds and ends, unconnected bits, incongruous, undigested, and contradictory. . . Whatever he is as a pure mathematician . . .he becomes the most out-and-out careless thinker the moment he gets beyond his symbols and his equations. . . His thought staggers, and reels, and stumbles, and falls, like a blind man rushing into unknown territory."

Above excerpts from the book : FADS AND FALLACIES IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE by MARTIN GARDNER, Chapter: "Down with Einstein" Dover Publications, Inc., New York


In his article, EINSTEIN AND MODERN PHYSICS, N. Martin Gwynne states:

“His life’s work was a hotchpotch of plagiarisations which were in total not only defective in logic but also so full of internal error that, as Lynch, Dingle and Essen showed, any mathematician brave enough to investigate them critically cannot fail to destroy them. And let me repeat that he plagiarised. His contributions to Thought were not only childish; they were not even his.”

Einstein applauded hypothesis of the impossibility of perpetual motion as supreme because in his opinion it was based on the 'experience' of long generation of scientific men. We humbly ask, did any scientist attend to the problem of perpetual motion sincerely like Orffyreus?   Without any investigation into perpetual motion, Einstein like the rest of the scientists rhapsodized laws of thermodynamics that erroneously rejects perpetual motion. His theories - the shameless quackery in name of modern physics are not even worthy to be compared with great, most genuine and amazing works of Orffyreus in the field of gravity.   we have no hope from the Einstein and his theory of relativity. His Special theory of relativity fails to apply for the phenomena of gravitation. 

Crucifixion of Perpetual Motion and its Resurrection


Stevenus of Brugs and Leonardo da Vinci were pioneers in disproving Perpetual Motion. Now students  are taught to believe that perpetual motion is impossible. Since Perpetual motion violates fundamental laws of science and challenges present paradigm, the idea of perpetual motion has been abandoned permanently by scientist and its inventor has been declared an insane and heretic.  There are evil forces, which have constantly worked against perpetual motion. Today physicists, theory of relativity, the law of conservation of energy, vested interests of energy capitalists and energy racketeers have become main instruments of ‘Crucifixion’ of Perpetual motion’.


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be fully satisfied. Blessed are those who suffer persecution for the sake of righteousness, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

-Mt. 5:3-10.   


The death of Jesus on the Cross after he was condemned as false Messiah, after he was arrested by Sanhedrin, tried, and sentenced by Roman judge Pontius Pilate to be scourged, and finally executed on a cross  has a striking parallel with Orffyreus and his perpetual motion. We know how Orffyreus was ridiculed, arrested  and prosecuted for the truth he demonstrated. The enmity of Gärtner, Wagner and Borlach had its results. It made many people  to believe that Orffyreus was a charlatan. Pontius Pilate who  presided at the trial of Jesus and, despite stating that he personally found him not guilty of a crime meriting death, handed him over to crucifixion. In the similar manner, professor s’ gravesande, one of the member (judge) of board of examiners appointed by Count Karl  had   acknowledged the validity of Orffyreus'  gravity wheel, he  didn’t find Orffyreus guilty of any fraud but himself tricked to rob the secret and handed down his case to Issac Newton to learn about his opinion, thus, almost he prepared a ground for the crucifixion of Orffyreus' perpetual motion. In fact, the possibility of a spy mission appointed by Newton to rob the secret of perpetual motion discovered by Orffyreus cannot be ruled out. Professor s' gravesande was ally and agent to Newton. Due to collapse  of South Sea bubble in 1721, Newton had lost huge money. Her niece told that Newton invested huge money in South Sea stock market and lost twenty thousand pounds about which he didn't like to hear.  When he heard about Orffyreus wheel, he decided to compensate his losses either by buying his machine through Royal society or by illegal means using s' gravesande as his agent to rob the secret. It appears that Orffyreus sensed the conspiracy in right time and destroyed his wheel without revealing the secret to s' gravesande. On 16 August, 1721, before he  destroyed the wheel, he was clever enough to have written on the wall of the room of Weissenstein castle that he destroyed the wheel on the account of impertinent curiosity of professor s' gravesande so that people would know the real reason as to why he destroyed the wheel.

Under pretext of examination,

Ally and agent of Newton, Professor s' gravesande on a spy mission to rob the secret of Gravity Wheel

Because of Impertinent curiosity of s' gravesande, in a rage,  Orffyreus destroyed his Gravity Wheel

Like Pontius Pilates, the power of judgment is void with them who regard perpetual motion as something impossible, and the genuine case of the Orffyreus' gravity wheel as something fraud. By its inherent power, perpetual motion has shown its presence in every era. Later, during eighteenth century,   the claims of perpetual motion would appear  again at many places, but poor judges like Pontius Pilates personified as physicists multiplied and prevailed  as the  attempts of perpetual motion also multiplied.  They  took it as their duty to examine and  preside over the frequent cases of perpetual motion.  On the theoretical front,  a steam driven perpetual motion machine i.e. steam engine with efficiency greater than unity, could not be invented by wannabee intellectuals like them, In fact, they   had hijacked perpetual motion from perpetual motionist under pretext of finding interrelationship between heat and work. In the disguise of originators of thermodynamics, finally, they gave their verdict against perpetual motion by raising  strong laws of science to excommunicate perpetual motion from the studies of science.  Based on the studies of heat, they dangerously extrapolated their results  to include the whole universe and founded the universal law of conservation of energy. We know that universe is not a steam engine but more or less, a case of huge perpetual motion  as it is being self propelled, self regulated, and  self evolved.  Heat has dispersive, non-directional, and  entropic  nature, on the other hand, gravity is of attractive, directive and creative nature, therefore, the  thermodynamical experimental results erroneously obtained by them cannot be applied  to the working of a gravity wheel.  We hardly need to say that none of them seriously attended to the problem of perpetual motion, therefore,   all of them  misjudged and  maligned  the noble idea of perpetual motion as absurd, will o wisp, meaningless forever;  they  declared  its inventor as a heretic, liar and crackpot, therefore, not only they misjudged, debunked perpetual motion, but also virtually crucified perpetual motion to death and burial that it was never to arise again in their wishful thinking.


 It is law of nature that whenever truth is strangled, it returns with greater force, so in spite of burial by great man of science,  time and again perpetual motion has come to life. Discoveries like perpetual motion are indestructible; as if they have some supernatural element in them, no mortal beings can suppress them. So the perpetual motion and the perpetual motionist will reappear like a Messiah or phantom whenever need arise, and whenever they are anointed to fulfill their mission. However, perpetual motion is not something supernatural or a mystery, it’s a reality.  Actually “There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural...We should strive to fill those gaps of ignorance.” Edgar D. Mitchell, astronaut, Apollo 14 said these beautiful words. So is true with perpetual motion. Though  scientist crucified perpetual motion long back because of  his  ignorance  but so great is the force and power of the perpetual motion , that even today, with its worn out position, it brings a message of strength to many in need. Today it may seem strange to scientist who are ungrounded in perpetual motion, who by relying on the principle of conservation of energy make so “much ado about nothing”.


No matter much the concept of conservation of energy has gained currency by the time and false scholarship, much they may feel that the science has advanced by rejection of perpetual motion, our power technology will remain lame without perpetual motion.  Minds are like parachutes , they work only when they are open. Unfortunately, scientists have not opened their parachute to see the truth of perpetual motion. Scientist must shun their closed-door attitude and open their mind to study and see truth of perpetual motion. It must be remembered that we live in a free world, where hundreds  of earnest men are struggling to reinvent perpetual motion machine and waiting for just that sound technology which aims to create unlimited energy from nothing. It can be easily done by perpetual motion, only by perpetual motionist, by his 'inquiry,' illumined by the investigative spirit. But, it is unfortunate that scientist consider perpetual motion as something impossible.


It is really quite amazing by what margins competent but conservative   scientists and engineers can miss the mark, when they start with the   preconceived idea that what they are investigating is impossible.  When   this happens, the most well-informed men become blinded by their   prejudices and are unable to see what lies directly ahead of them.” said Arthur C. Clarke, (1963). The science that is afraid of perpetual motion really dishonors Majestic laws of nature and commits suicide.

“Father, for give them; for they know not what they do.”


Christ told these words to the ignorant men when he was being crucified. The same words often echo in  the mind of perpetual motion inventor when his mission is thwarted by patent laws and authoritarianism of  physicist who ridicules his remarkable achievement and take support of putative laws of science to undermine and suppress his noble art. It is intriguing and surprising to note that God as well as Perpetual Motion, both, saviors of the world have no place in science today. They have been excommunicated from the studies of science. People have a tendency to ignore and oppose discovery or new ideas, which arrives before time.  Each man who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood. To a revolutionary man, we know opposition, persecution and crucifixion are inevitable welcome only. However, the real truth as spoken by Orffyreus never fails to reappear and ultimately silence the opposing parties.


Osho Rajneesh says  that today wooden crucifixion maybe out of date, but still ignorance that drives scientific society to suppress great noble thoughts of wise man or visionary, is unfortunately as rife as forever. Only they have other means by which to crucifix someone.


Shri Bhagwan  Rajneesh, 'Osho', Indian mystic and philosopher

Osho Rajneesh remarks:


 “Old ardor still persists and the old persecutions continue, but only the means to persecute a revolutionary man and his ideas have changed. Today, crucifixions are little less blatant than they were two thousands years ago. If men have learned nothing else, they have learned that if you pin a man on cross, you run the risk of creating a martyr.”

Whenever a man of truth has met with the masses of hypocrisy, crucifixion has taken place. Christ was crucified for denouncing the priesthood as hypocrites and wolves in sheep's clothing, so Socrates was poisoned for corrupting the youth and condemning the academic sophist of the day for eloquent hypocrisy of their unquestioned values. We know about senseless martyrdom of Archimedes in the fall of Syracuse and Levoiser under the revolutionary tribunal of France. Bruno was convicted of heresy and burned at the stake in 1601 for his religious view on equality. So Indian mystic Osho Rajneesh, it is said, was poisoned for daring to exercise his constitutionally protected freedom of speeches and boldly declaring that American democracy is hypocrisy.


Brian Martin remarks:


“People seldom like to see or hear things that conflict with their deeply held beliefs or wishes. An ancient response to such bad news was very barbaric, they killed the messenger”



          It seems that in last 200 years only the outer forms, rituals and masks which veil the persecution of truth have changed, while the underlying slag of unconscious remains the same. Madam Blatvsky wrote:


 “...But old and time-honoured errors-such as become with every day more glaring and self-evident-stand arrayed in battle-order now, as they did then. Marshalled by blind conservatism, conceit and prejudice, they are constantly on the watch, ready to strangle every truth, which, awakening from its age-long sleep, happens to knock for admission. Such has been the case ever since man became an animal. That this proves in every case moral death to the revealers, who bring to light any of these old, old truths, is as certain as that it gives LIFE and REGENERATION to those who are fit to profit even by the little that is now revealed to them.”[i]


 Osho enlightens us:


“We are not separate from nature; how can we conquer it?  We are nature, so who is going to conquer whom?  It is absurd.  With that absurdity, science has destroyed much: the whole nature is destroyed, the climate is poisoned, the air, the water, the seas, everything polluted.  The whole harmony is dying; the ecology is being continuously destroyed.  Please remember - this is enough, more than enough.  But the west is obsessed with technology. It seems technology has succeeded in nature: we have become more powerful.  We have not become more powerful!  The whole idea is just fallacious; we have not become more powerful. We are becoming weaker every day because the natural resources are being exhausted.  Sooner or later, the earth will be empty, it will not grow anything. We are not becoming powerful; we are becoming weaker and weaker and weaker every day.  We are on the deathbed.  Humanity cannot survive, the way it has been behaving with nature, for more than fifty years, sixty years, or, at the most, one hundred years -- which is nothing.  If the Third World War does not happen, then we will be committing a slow suicide.  Within a hundred years, we will be gone.  Not even a trace will be left.  The same is happening with man: man thinks he is becoming more and more powerful, he can reach to the moon; but he is destroying the earth. He is destroying the whole possibility of future life.  Slowly, humanity is disappearing.” 

If science continues such practices and also keep on suppressing perpetual motion and  free energy, concepts related to them and their inventors, day is not far when the structure of science would collapse, soon  to be replaced by a new paradigm. 

On November 5, 1983, while talking to his disciples, Indian mystic Bhagvan Rajneesh (Osho) told:


“Science is developing cracks at various places. Its structure is under a collapse, and by the end of this century it will gradually collapse to an end. In place of it, a very new consciousness of life will emerge. This life consciousness will be of cooperation, and unification with ‘eternal’ and ‘infinite’. This will create real stream of life; of cosmic spirituality, neither materialistic nor a compromise between both. This structure is sure to break and fall; infinite can only emerge from within it. It ought to be - there is full possibility of it.”


Here, Osho is pointing towards possibility of a major paradigm in science in near future that would be fully compatible with religion or mysticism. Osho is arguing, not for an abandonment of science or embrace of mysticism, but for a broadening of the scope of enquiry to accommodate other principles and methods beyond the limitations of scientific method.

And if there is one man who more than any other has come to be regarded as the prophet of perpetual motion, as the personification of ancient wisdom in the field of perpetual motion, he is none other than Deva Ramananda,   giant philosopher among perpetual motionists whose views on perpetual motion I shall now introduce without further delay –

The body of work on perpetual motion such as produced by Deva Ramananda is inconceivable in our time: no man would be given a chance to create a whole science. he has erected excellent groundwork of perpetual motion from first principles of Vedic philosophy, astronomy and cosmology. His lofty thoughts on perpetual motion deserves our congratulations. Deva Ramananda suggests that perpetual motion has a potential to bring a better synthesis between science and religion.  Mysteries will be revealed that would bring a final unification of science, technology, and religion.  He has worked  hard to establish the conviction that perpetual motion, as an independent alternative science and technology, offers one of the most powerful means towards the generation of free energy. Perpetual motion being the Wisdom of God, a divine art also ensures the attainment of a higher mental cultivation; that the study of perpetual motion   is profitable, not only inasmuch as it promotes the material and spiritual interests of mankind, but also because it furnishes us with insight into those wonders of creation which immediately surround us, and with which our existence, consciousness, mind, life, development and evolution are most closely connected. Besides bringing material prosperity, perpetual motion will bring about a revolution of a kind which Mrs Alice Bailey through her prophetic vision, prognosticate in her book entitled “A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Esoteric Psychology I.  I would like to quote here what she foretold in her book:

“..Nevertheless, certain imminent happenings will do more to annihilate the veil between the seen and the unseen than any other line of activity hitherto initiated.  Of this, I may not speak beyond telling you that an illumination will be set up and a radiance revealed which will result in a tremendous stimulation of mankind and bring about an awakening of a new order. Man will be keyed up to a perception and to a contact which will enable him to see through, which will reveal the nature of the fourth dimension, and will blend the subjective and the objective together into a new world.  Death will lose its terrors, and that particular fear will come to an end.”


“…..The urge to know and the urge to teach are assuredly related and a part of the natural process of conscious development. The next few decades will mark a happening of such profound and widespread consequences that the present era in which we live will come to be looked upon as the dark ages.  Science will penetrate deeper into the realm of the intangible, and work in mediums and with apparatus hitherto unknown.”[ii]


“The Mayan cosmologists said that mankind will enter a new beginning... a new era of heightened consciousness beginning on December 21, 2012, when the present 5,125 period of their calendar ends. Perhaps, a colossal emission of a yet unrecognized form of conscious energy will burst out of our Galactic Center on or before December 21, 2012.... a returning Quetzalcoatl consciousness which will change the very physics of our present world paradigm, bringing mankind and our galaxy a new quantum leap in physics and a new spiritual paradigm that will last until the cycle repeats and the cosmic consciousness of mythic time itself comes full circle once again.”[iii]


Mother earth hopes man to enter in a new era - free of pollution and abundant energy.  Metaphorically speaking Gravity is love of our mother earth that keeps us cuddled in her lap. She invites man to harness her gravity by perpetual motion.  It has taken millions of years for man to evolve to his present stage, yet man’s history of invention is quite short, and  in the absence of perpetual motion his achievements are meager, almost nothing.  Looking back at the progress of technology, scientists should not flatter themselves.  Much more remains to be done. Cosmologically speaking, our existence and that of our entire species seem insignificant.  We have been able to figure out few of the details of our Universe, much more remains to be discovered.  Astronomer and writer Carl Sagan devised a Cosmic Calendar.  Taking the history of the Universe from the time of the Big Bang, currently estimated as having occurred fifteen billion years ago, up to the present, and condensing this time into one imaginary calendar year, January 1 through December 31, one can   develop a “cosmic calendar.”  Homo sapiens (modern man) appear at approximately 11:59 p.m. That means we have not even lived for a second!  Such a thought can cause a shift in our awareness. 


 Similarly, if mother earth’s age is supposed to be one single day, man’s presence in her lap can be taken back to 40 seconds only.  If the present age of mother earth were condensed into one year, 365 days, then her brilliant children do not appear until the last half of the 364th day.  And all of our eight thousand year recorded history, beginning from Veda to rediscovery of perpetual motion and writing of this book- everything, that rush of events from the settling of the Indus valley to yesterday's terrorist’s attack of twin towers and invasion of Iraq--all that's reverberates in our human consciousness --spans the final 32 seconds.

More recently and in a similar approach, while preparing his own cosmic calendar Osho Rajneesh said:  “if we think of existence just in terms of one day -- as if the whole existence is twenty-four hours, reduced into this small measurement, so that at twelve in the night the existence began.. Then at six o'clock in the morning -- our solar system was born. Then our earth separated from the sun, just at eight o'clock in the morning; then the moon separated from the earth, just at eleven o'clock in the morning.  Mother earth for the first time saw life exactly at twelve o'clock noon, and man came into existence just two minutes later; that is, at two minutes after twelve o'clock.  If we measure the whole existence in terms of twenty-four hours, we have come into existence just two minutes ago.  If we go into more details -- that if two minutes ago, man came into existence -- then just fifteen seconds ago, a Gautam Buddha was born.  Then enlightenment and the whole idea of enlightenment is not more than fifteen seconds old. If in fifteen seconds Gautam Buddha, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, Mahavira, Jesus, Ramakrishna, Raman Maharishi, J. Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, and Einstein -- if all these people have happened just in fifteen seconds, then the coming twelve hours, if man remains on the earth ... one cannot imagine how rewarding these coming days can be.”

All our egotism and pride is unfounded as we have been on the earth only for two minutes.  In this perspective, science is just born and it is still weak as a little baby.  By dismissing perpetual motion which can revolutionize the world physicists are trying to murder the baby at a moment when she   should be evolving as fast, as quickly as possible, because half the time of existence is gone -- only half the time remains.  In this remaining time, the whole humanity has to realize his dreams and become enlightened.


In this little time, though man has spent great amount of energy in fighting his environment and adapting to it, he has never been freed to perform his true cosmic functions of the human essence, and the capacity for true initiative in the sense of self-perfection appears to be diminishing.  Our concept of man’s place in the Universe, his role as a shaper of his own destiny, and his ever-present desire to reach one step beyond must necessarily be brought into harmony with our environment.  With perpetual motion, what a great potential is ahead of us!


Deva Ramananda Deva says: “We are living in troubled times.  We are said there is crisis everywhere.  I believe the outlook of science is moving rapidly away from sensitivity to the natural, subtle forms of life and becoming grossly dependent on intense, artificial stimulation. We ought to remember the importance of not only preserving the natural environment, but also recall the physiological, psychological, and spiritual connection human beings have with all other forms of life; including this living Earth.  If we can avoid this coming crisis, then this will be the new dawn of a very new consciousness; of a totally new and fresh life, with a fragrance it has not known before.  It is in our hands.             As a perpetual motionist, I feel one of my responsibilities to use my craft to preserve and help awaken in others, that which is most exalted about life and its needs. In my work, I invite people to learn art of perpetual motion and realize dream of free power. Through machines, you can create power from nothing that might sound you crazy but it’s a reality.


Let us not limit the resources of nature; they are infinite, especially when reinforced by great art like perpetual motion.   Its knowledge puts us closer to god.  We forget that under our nose, gravity is an inexhaustible source of energy.  We keep running senselessly after one source of energy to another without getting rid of the fear of energy crisis from our minds.  Our position is like a man who put his torch in the pocket and forgot it.  He wanders in darkness in search of torch.  The man wants to experience the light, but keeps running senselessly in the darkness with his forgotten torch still in pocket.  He does not realize that he must stretch his hands to get the torch and plunge into the light. 


To ensure our survival on this planet, we need to employ better systems like perpetual motion that will give life back to the environment.  We now have the technology and great minds that can make this possible.  This is the time to take action now.  The ideas are out there and perpetual motion technology is ready and waiting to be developed.  This is right time for us to take control of our destiny.  The transition to perpetual motion technology holds immense promise for alleviating or eliminating the threat posed by fossil fuel and nuclear pollution.  It will also allow all areas of the world, including both developed and developing economies, to meet increasing needs for energy without bringing about environmental disaster.”

Universe is in the state of perpetual motion. One important corollary of the grand law of perpetual motion is version of the practical Vedanta developed by Deva Ramananda; actually, this is an elaborate scientific system of thought which connects Vedic cosmology, philosophy and psychology (therefore Macro- and Microcosmos) and tries to translate archaic Vedic perpetual motion into a perfect system providing a worldview or new paradigm which is scientific as well as spiritual that can be acceptable to all- scientist, perpetual motionist as well as spiritualist.  Bearing in mind his perpetual motion picture of the universe, Deva Ramananda used to discuss with this author fundamental concepts of Vedanta which also serves as the "theoretical" pillar for practical perpetual motion.   Needless to say, this arbitrary scheme is coherent and most scientific that has tremendous physical, philosophical and metaphysical implications also. In correlating perpetual motion and Vedanta and further development of the system to provide a comprehensive worldview, Deva Ramananda’s originality cannot be denied. We shall address it here briefly for the sake of refutation of theory of relativity and laws of thermodynamics.

         Seen in Picture below  are Mahatma Bhuri Bai, Bhagwan Rajneesh, "Osho", Swami Ram Dulare, and Deva Ramananda.

“Keep Quiet, Until You Rediscover” is the only book written by Mahatma Bhuri Bai, a lady mystic and disciple of Reverend Chatursingh Bawaji, mystic and Yogi of Mewar region. It is a very small booklet that on front cover bears the title with text in white color and black background as shown above in picture, and the booklet has rest of pages in black color also,  but pages left completely blank  by Mahatma Bhuri Bai, symbolically expressing the mystery of "Great Void". In seventies, Shri Bhagwan Rajneesh “Osho” visited Udaipur and organized his meditation camp there at Bhandari Darshak Mandapa. Accompanied by their many disciples, Swami Ram Dulare, Deva Ramananda, Mahatma Bhuri Bai, and Laita Mastana visited the meditation camp. To discuss spiritual matters, they had  a personal meeting with Shri Bhagwan Rajneesh “Osho” who has to his credit, at present, more than one thousand books on Yoga,  meditation and spiritual matters. When he asked whether she wrote any book, Mahatma Bhuri Bai, who carried her little booklet over her head, nodded and handed it to Osho.  After reading the title, Osho  shuffled entire pages of the small booklet, and found to his surprise that  the rest of the pages were empty.  After some moments, Osho smiled, lowered his head and bowed to Mahatma Bhuri Bai, as a gesture to show his reverence to her. 

Mahatma Bhuri Bai’s message “Keep Quite” soon had its impact on all of them. Deva Ramananda seized the opportunity to discuss ‘silence psychospiritual therapy’, to observe ‘silence’ and recommend it to his disciples. Talkative by nature, Lalit Mastana was already holding “Maon Varta” while he met Osho, lest he might have exploded to silence  everyone. Concurrent with these events, Osho also decided to enter into what he termed a new and ultimate stage of his work — “silence”. Since 1977 Osho  had been announcing that he would one day cease  talking, on the grounds that only through silence could his real message be communicated to world. Yes, true, “silence is the best art of conversation”, as Hazlit had also remarked.

In Oregon Ashram, USA spread in area  of  hundred square miles, life was different than it was in Poona, India. Osho had gone into “silence,” he no longer conducted the twice-daily meetings with his disciples that were the focal point of life in Poona. Osho did not even speak to his personal secretary, Sheela Silverman and his personal nurse.

Deva Ramananda had revealed these  incidences of 70’s to this author when he was child.

During 1968-70, Deva Ramanada used to visit “Alakha Asharma” in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, where Mahatma Bhri Bai resided. In his Deva –Dohavali [iv] , Deva Ramananda states: “One day during "Satsanga", I raised one question to Mahatma Bhuri Bai that “what happens after death? Bhuri Bai quickly answered by raising a counter question:  “Guy, when were you born? The soul has no birth and death as it is eternal. Sometimes, Bhuri Bai revealed the teachings of Veda, Vedanta and   Upanishads in a symbolic way, most of the time, she used to keep quite.”


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composed and self-published  by Deva, 2001.