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 The sky above our head is studded with twinkling stars, planets, the moon, the sun and other luminaries. They all perpetually move over the celestial sphere round the clock, day after day, years in years now, from one century into the next, without any rest and fatigue, without any effort, without expending an energy describing intricate, easy or difficult path in heaven. How do the heavenly bodies move, and how these movements related to one another? What forces of nature, govern motion? Naturally, law of gravitation and Gravity Wheel were not created overnight. Long, centuries long was the search for the truth, and on the way were errors, delusions - and struggle for the truth. Even today science is  far from a complete knowledge of the motion of heavenly bodies.  However, we perpetual motionists know better now that motion of the planets and stars is governed mainly by forces of mutual attraction in the similar manner our hero Orffyreus set his gravity wheel at the castle of Weissenstein. Vedic sages had in-depth knowledge of force of gravitation. Indian Sidhhanta astronomers proposed design of perpetual motion machine run by influence of gravity.

The earliest information about such systems is dated of 600 dc Brhmagupta and Lalla then in 1150 the name of inventor is Bhaskaracharya, these all were Indian astronomers who proposed discovered perpetual motion and proposed design of a perpetual motion machine driven by weight of quicksilver. The design consisted of the tangential disposed pipes, which were halffilled with quicksilver. Indian astronomers didn’t claim any credit for their discovery as everything was already there, they thought that nothing belong to them but everything to the God.


M. Jean Sylvain Bailly in his classic Trait´e de l’Astronomie Indienne et Orientale(1787) described the methods of the Surya Siddhanta and other texts and expressed his belief  that astronomy had originated in India and it was later transmitted to the Chaldeans in Babylon and to the Greeks and the rest parts of the world. Along with knowledge of astronomy, perpetual motion traveled to other continents.

 In 18th century, Orffyreus invented his Gravity Wheel that  moved under influence of out-flowing river of swirling force that we call gravity. Same force moves the heavens, in the similar manner. Undoubtedly, the falling weights were the only source of power that kept his wheel turning forever. ’ However, the credit of discovering the law of this interaction, the law of universal gravitation went to the 17th century’s great English alchemist and scientist Isaac Newton.



Einstein and Maxwell on Gravity


The scientific establishment has dictated that if you want to understand gravity the Relativity shall be the accepted doctrine, so the physicists also believe that only Relativity can lead us to understanding of gravitation. I shall not presume to trouble my readers with mere conjecture, particularly on the  subject of gravity which, during so many thousand years, the most enlightened philosophers and competent scientist have endeavored, but in vain, to comprehend. Vedic Sages explained the nature of the phenomenon of gravity in great details that Newton, Einstein and whole generations of scientists could not explain. Lack of true knowledge of energy and perpetual motion has been source of hardships to mankind. Moreover, present erroneous theories of science, especially special and general theory of relativity offer nothing useful about the ultimate nature of energy and gravity, thus, making our task harder. Special theory fails to apply for the phenomena of gravitation and General theory of relativity considers gravity as a space-time warp and put students into dark.

Certainly, we will be judged ignorant by future generations if we keep on theorizing about gravity  and pay no serious attention to free energy devices and outstanding works of free energy enthusiasts in the field of gravity. Among all natural operations the free fall of a weight is the most frequent, the simplest and the same time most important thing. In next chapter we will see unlike scientist, how perpetual motionist prefer to study free fall of weights by building a Over-balancing wheel.



The gravitation of Einstein is something entirely different from the gravitation of Newton. It is not force. The idea that bodies of matter can attract one another is, according to Einstein, and illusion that has grown out of erroneous mechanical concept of nature. So long as one perpetual motionist believes that the Universe is a huge perpetual motion machine machine, it is natural to think for him that its various parts can exert a force on one another. But Einstein who had no practical skills but possessed a mind for mathematical abstraction claimed to probe a deeper science towards reality, the more clearly it appeared to him that Universe is not like a machine at all, so Einstein law of gravitation contained nothing about force. His gravitation was similar to a mouse moving under a blanket, you cant see anything around, only the space-time curvatures caused by presence of matter that only describes the behaviour of object in a gravitational field - the planets and, for example - not in terms of attraction, but simply in terms of the paths they follow.


If you ask Einstein “where is the post office?” he would reply: “it is in the front of college.”  If you asked “where is the college?” He would reply, “in the front of post office.” If you further asked: “where are post office and the college, both? Einstein would reply: “they are in the front of each other”. That’s the essence of Einstein’s theoretical work in modern physics. So   to Einstein, gravitation is simply part of inertia, the movements of stars and the planets stem from their inherent inertia, and the  courses that follow are determined by the metric properties of space, or more properly speaking the metric properties of the space-time continuum. Thanks to Einstein for his beautiful thought on gravitation which renders reader with no arguments and leaves him in wonder and awe because of the simplicity of non-sense. Einstein considers gravity  not a force at all but just space-time curvature. Thus, Einstein  is taking us  towards more and more abstraction, towards mysticism of a mystique! Has it any direct relationship with ultimate reality or is only his subjective experience of reality?  Where science is going?


Einstein’s theory sounds very abstract and even paradoxical, it becomes quite clear as soon as one dismisses the notion that bodies of matter can exert a physical force on each other across millions of miles of empty space. This concept of action at a distance has puzzled all scientists since Newton's days. It leads to particular difficulty, for example, in understanding electric and magnetic phenomena.


Thales told that magnet possessed a soul and it was alive. To day scientist even no longer says that a magnet attracts a piece of iron by some kind of mysterious but instantaneous action at a distance. Under the influence of conditioning by Einstein, Scientists suddenly became fond of looking everything as “field’. They say rather that the magnet creates a certain physical condition in the space around it, which they term magnetic field and that this magnetic field then act upon iron and make it behave in a certain predictable fashion. Scientists says that force of gravitation is not a force but a ‘field’ which has a reality.  Students in any  elementary science knows well what a magnetic field looks like, because it can be rendered visible  by the simple process of shaking iron powder  on a piece of  paper above a magnet. A magnetic field and electric field are physical reality and they have a definite structure, and their structure is described by the field equations of James Clark Maxwell which pointed the way towards all the discoveries in electrical and radio engineering of the past century.


Like philosophers and metaphysicians, now scientists have come to vie with each about the reality of the world. A gravitational field is as much of a physical reality as an electromagnetic field, and its structure is defined by the field equations of Albert Einstein. So Einstein’s field equation describes everything about the behavior of the object in gravitation field, but they fail to explain that gravity field can serve as an inexhaustible source of energy as demonstrated by the gravity wheel of the Orffyreus.


Just as Maxwell and Faraday assumed that magnetism creates certain properties in surrounding space out of nothing, so Einstein concluded that stars, moons, and other celestial objects   individually determine the properties of space around them and just as the movement of a piece of iron in a magnet field is guided by the structure of the field, so the path of and any body in a gravitational field is determined by the geometry of that field. If magnetism and gravity can create certain conditions in the surrounding space out of nothing, they can also create energy in the surrounding space out of nothing, in fact, the perpetual motionist realized this fact many hundred years ago.


Einstein, the master of plagiarism ransacked every source new or old to build his theories.  In arriving at his new understanding of gravity he went back to Descartes and his vortex pressure theory. Let us recall here what ancient Greek observed that “God always geometrizes” that has a deeper meaning.   Einstein concluded that persisting tendency  of things to fall is not really a force at all , but only an effect of geometry - a non parallel-ness  of world lines - and illusion  due to the curvature of the world. It was a field theory which superseded action at distance of Newton’s old theory.


In framing his new theory of gravity Einstein  recalled Descartes celestial vortex that had been rejected because it contended that things fell on when there surfaces were pushed from above, an argument  that did not account for gravity's  demonstrable proportionality to the masses instead to the surfaces of gravitating objects. The whole vortex idea looked fantastic to the Einstein. Descartes had visualized whole heavens as high-pressure vortex. Free matter in the space literally enjoys the easiest and most leisurely path, following whatever sort of curves of space - time it finds itself in a track that has been called  as geodesic.


Are These Theories Adequate To Explain Gravity?


Certainly not, mathematical theories have nothing to do with the reality. Nature is vast, innumerable are its phenomena and diversities with countless interrelationships between them. No mathematical theory of phenomena of nature will even be capable of taking into account the infinite diversity of nature. A concrete scientific theory is certain approximation to reality. It only serves as a mile stone in the part of man's journey towards truth. It only shows the temporary progress in his quest to reality. It is only a step along the path of man's penetration into the phenomena of nature. Newton’s law of gravitation was one such a step, Einstein’s another. But to perpetual motionist  all these steps are like little jumps of Dr. frog in the Well.


Utilizing the law of universal gravitation, it is claimed that celestial mechanics  has achieved remarkable result and now  scientist are in a position to draw  of exact  schedules  of the motion of heavenly  bodies with indication of where, and what  part of the hemisphere, any given body will be at any given instant  of time. However, they have not been  able to design a gravity perpetual motion machine which truly demonstrates celestial mechanics.


Since long there has been no new theory, no significant theory of gravity is being put forward in present time. At this point we may ask:  Is scientist’s search for gravitation is complete? Of course, not. Scientists have not explained yet how to utilize it for the benefit of mankind. Science and technology may be broadly defined as man's eternal struggle to understand the natural forces and then utilize these forces for his own welfare. Compare gravitation with other forces like electromagnetic or nuclear force. Scientist have discovered them, understood them and utilized them for his welfare. Wireless and telecommunication have revolutionized our lives. We are producing electricity, which has changed our lives in various ways. But this has not been case with force of gravitation, so far scientist have speculated, built  up various hypothesis about the force of gravitation but no one has actually given any slightest hint that it can be used for our practical purposes. After all what the role of theory is. A theory ultimately helps us to understand the nature of the force and eventually this understanding should bring us to utilize the force for our practical needs. But it has not happened with the force of gravitation. Scientists only say that gravity is more mysterious than other type of forces like electricity magnetism.


A few of the quotations found in the book Anticipations of Einstein in the General Theory of Relativity- By Christopher Jon Bjerknes



"In a sense, Einstein had 'appropriated' Hilbert's contribution to the gravitational field equations as a march of his own ideas--or so it would seem from the reading of his 1916 Ann. d. Phys. paper on the foundations of general relativity."--Prof. Jagdish Mehra

* * *

"[Hilbert] would soon [***] pinpoint flaws in Einstein's rather pedestrian way of dealing with the mathematics of his gravitation theory."--Dr. Tilman Sauer

* * *

". . .Gerber, who has given the correct formula for the perihelion motion of Mercury before I did."--Albert Einstein

* * *

"Remarkably, Einstein was not the first to discover the correct form of the law of warpage [***] Recognition for the first discovery must go to Hilbert."--Prof. Kip Thorne

* * *

"No unprejudiced person can deny that, in the absence of direct and incontrovertible proofs establishing his innocence, Einstein must, in view of the circumstantial evidence previously presented, stand convicted before the world as a plagiarist."--Prof. Arvid Reuterdahl

* * *

"Thus, with what is known as the special theory, if we consider as paramount factor not the detail work but the guiding thoughts by which this was inspired, then the father of this special relativity theory was undoubtedly Henri Poincare. [***] In the general theory of relativity the basic thought is that of Mach, viz. the replacement in dynamics of the law of gravitation by a law of motion. But in what Einstein built upon this basis the influence of Poincare is again manifest. [***] And in view of all these facts one does not know at which to be most astounded: the magnanimity of Poincare who was always over-anxious that there should be recognition of the labors of those who reaped where he himself had sown, the apathy of his friends after his death, or the peculiar attitude of Einstein and his coterie, exemplified by Born of Goettingen, who refers to Poincare as one of those who 'collaborated' with Einstein in the development of the relativity theory!"--Robert P. Richardson

* * *

"From these facts the conclusion seems inevitable that Einstein cannot be regarded as a scientist of real note. He is not an honest investigator."--Prof. O. E. Westin




 Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist

 By Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In 1919, (on dubious grounds213) Dyson, Davidson and Eddington, made Einstein famous by affirming that experiment had confirmed, without an attribution to Soldner, Soldner's 1801 hypothesis, that the gravitational field of the sun should curve the path of light from the stars.214



The scientific establishment has no theory other than general theory of relativity to understand the nature of gravity. If you want to understand gravity you are dictated to follow Einstein and you are forbidden to choose another theory as they believe no other theory can lead to the understanding of the gravity. General theory of relativity is largely philosophical and metaphysical and it fails to provide the slightest hint that perpetual motion based on gravity is possible. Obviously, Orffyreus who invented gravity wheel and demonstrated its power around 1717 knew about gravity more than Einstein. To resort to metaphysical thinking merely to have an intellectual romance, and to satisfy one’s ego, all that pretension to provide explanations for the natural phenomena, and eventually claim that such ideas presents absolute truth is to render science as a disservice. The theory of general relativity has many inconsistencies and fails to explain true nature of gravity.



In General theory of relativity the geometry of space is determined by the matter which it contains. In perpetual motion, it is the geometry of matter that determines creation of energy out of nothing that also demonstrates the indissoluble unity of time, space, matter and motion.


Einstein says that the presence of the matter immediately distorts space around it. Imagine a planet which encircles around the Sun in a huge elliptical orbit. When planet is at the top of the elliptical circle, it will distort space around it and curve the surface around it. But since planet is yet far away from the bottom of the elliptical circle, it is hard to believe that the curvature created by the distortion of the space at the top of elliptic will coincide with the curvature at the bottom of the elliptical circle. I mean mere distortion of space by presence of matter does not provide us well defined orbits of planets, explanation of the distances between them as stated by Bode’s law, perpetual motion, harmony and the stability of the solar system.  


If we take Einstein's view into consideration, the problem is that while planet is moving with high speed, it has to distort also space  around it  or it is the curve resulted by distortion of the space that has to move the planet.  We can compare it with a boat which is moving on the surface of the  sea and distorting the surface  to create ripples on the surface of water as it moves. We also see that after advancing certain distance, the distortion caused by boat begins to subside gradually because boat has left that region.It is hard to imagine that ripples can be the source of the perpetual motion of the boat. If work is being done while a planet keep on distorting the space, planet would further lose its energy.


“Proposed by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, it is also believed that gravity causes objects of large mass to distort space and time around them. These distortions or fluctuations in space and time are thought to be mediated by tiny vibrations of energy, called gravitational waves. They fan out like ripples in water further distorting space and time, the force getting weaker as the waves travel outwards from their source. But, gravitational waves haven't been found yet either, so we'll put them on the missing list, too.”

"If we find gravitational waves, everyone gets very excited and Einstein has another feather in his cap - but that's it," he says. If, on the other hand, gravitational waves do not exist, not only will general relativity need some significant revision, but our entire idea of how things came together in the cosmos will need a rethink. "We would have ruled out the whole hierarchical model of galaxy formation," says Hobbs. "We would be back to square one."”


New Scientist, “Space, Cosmic clocks: Relativity's final test,” March 17, 2010,



“Contradicting Einstein's Theory of General Relativity that theorizes that the expansion of the universe is slowing, now most Big Bang followers believe that the universe is expanding outwards at an accelerating rate. But, if gravity causes mass to be attracted to other forms of mass, what would cause it to change directions and instead move outwards towards nothing?” …website

“So the expansion of the Universe has not been slowing due to gravity, as everyone thought, it has been accelerating. No one expected this, no one knew how to explain it. But something was causing it ...

More is unknown than is known. We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the Universe's expansion. Other than that, it is a complete mystery. But it is an important mystery. It turns out that roughly 70% of the Universe is dark energy.”

NASA Science Astrophysics website, Big Questions: “Dark Energy, Dark Matter.”


Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity



"When Tesla was 82, instead of speaking at a dinner party, he issued a written statement. Although this was soon after he had been struck by a car, his mind was obviously still capable of mounting an attack on Einstein's theory of relativity: I have worked out a dynamic theory of gravity in all details and hope to give his to the world very soon.  It explains the causes of this force and the motions of heavenly bodies under its influence so satisfactorily that it will put an end to idle speculations and false conceptions, as that of curved space. According to the relativists, space has a tendency to curvature owing to an inherent property or resence of celestial bodies.


"Granting a semblance of reality to this fantastic idea, it is still very self-contradictory. Every action is accompanied by an equivalent reaction and he effects of the latter are directly opposite to those of the former. Supposing that the bodies act upon the surrounding space causing curvature of the same, it appears to my simple mind that the curved spaces must react on the bodies and, producing the opposite effects, straighten out the curves.


"Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely impossible - However, even if it existed it would not explain the motions of the bodies as observed. Only the existence of a field of force can account for them and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion."


It is a great pity that Tesla never published his dynamic theory of gravity. Modern thinking about gravity suggests that when a heavy object moves it emits gravitational waves that radiate at the speed of light. These gravity waves behave in similar ways to many other types of waves.


Tesla's greatest inventions were all based on the study of waves. He always considered sound, light, heat, X-rays and radio waves to be related phenomena that could be studied using the same sort of maths. His differences with Einstein suggest that he had extended this thinking to gravity.

In the 1980s he was proved to be right.


A study of energy loss in a double neutron star pulsar called PSR 1913 + 16 proved that gravity waves exist. Tesla's idea that gravity is a field effect is now taken more seriously than Einstein took it. Unfortunately, Tesla never revealed what had led him to this conclusion. He never explained his theory of gravitation to the world. The attack he made on Einstein's work was considered outrageous by the scientific establishment of the time, and only now do we have enough understanding of gravity to realize that he was right.


In his paper entitled “General Relativistic Violation of the Conservation of Energy Law [1] (2007) Tom Bearden attempts to explain that “There is a real problem in understanding very violent physical phenomena, such as violent weather phenomena to include tornadoes, their vortices, accompanying physical phenomena, etc. that suggest violation of energy conservation. Though little known, conservation of energy can indeed be violated, but only in a general relativistic situation where the Killing vector symmetry is violated.”The acceleration produced by force of gravity is in fact counterpart of perpetual motion.   

The 'abstract' of his paper states: “Although not commonly known, under certain general relativistic conditions the conservation of energy law (first law of thermodynamics) can be and is violated. According to Gödel’s proof[2], all mathematical models are imperfect, and none ever will be absolute. Any “law of nature” is actually a model having very wide validity, but still subject to Gödel’s demonstration. It can still be violated, in certain circumstances and for appropriate classes of phenomena, per Gödel’s proof. Yet that violation cannot be proved by the model containing that “law of nature” itself as an integral part!


           Quoting Devlin[3]: "Gödel's Theorem says that in any axiomatic mathematical system that is sufficiently rich to do elementary arithmetic, there will be some statements that are true but cannot be proved (from the axioms). In technical terminology, the axiom system must be incomplete."


As an example, we explain the little-known violation of the conservation of energy law (the first law of thermodynamics) under certain general relativity conditions. So long as the Killing vector symmetry holds, the energy conservation law is applicable and is not violated, even under general relativity. However, when the Killing vector symmetry is violated by sufficiently strong general relativity situations in a system, then the conservation of energy law fails for that system under those conditions.”


 Tom Bearden quotes Hilbert, who shortly after Einstein's General Relativity model was published, stated:


"I assert... that for the general theory of relativity, i.e., in the case of general invariance of the Hamiltonian function, energy equations... corresponding to the energy equations in orthogonally invariant theories do not exist at all. I could even take this circumstance as the characteristic feature of the general theory of relativity."[4]


 Logunov and Loskutov stated:


 "In formulating the equivalence principle, Einstein actually abandoned the idea of the gravitational field as a Faraday-Maxwell field, and this is reflected in the pseudotensorial characterization of the gravitational field that he introduced. Hilbert was the first to draw attention to the consequences of this. … Unfortunately … Hilbert was evidently not understood by his contemporaries, since neither Einstein himself nor other physicists recognized the fact that in general relativity conservation laws for energy, momentum, and angular momentum are in principle impossible."[5]


The eminent physicist Roger Penrose stated:


“We seem to have lost those most crucial conservation laws of physics, the laws of conservation of energy and momentum!” [Penrose then adds the Killing symmetry arbitrarily, to get conservation again, when the Killing vector applies and gravity is separated.]. “These conservation laws hold only in a spacetime for which there is the appropriate symmetry, given by the Killing vector ĸ…. [These considerations] do not really help us in understanding what the fate of the conservation laws will be when gravity itself becomes an active player. We still have not regained our missing conservation laws of energy and momentum, when gravity enters the picture. ... This awkward-seeming fact has, since the early days of general relativity, evoked some of the strongest objections to that theory, and reasons for unease with it, as expressed by numerous physicists over the years. … in fact Einstein’s theory takes account of energy-momentum conservation in a rather sophisticated way – at least in those circumstances where such a conservation law is most needed. …Whatever energy there is in the gravitational field itself is to be excluded from having any representation…”[6]


 Tom Bearden believes that “once the conservation of energy law is violated by a sufficiently wildly changing general relativistic situation, this means that all observable things such as inertia, momentum, force developed by change of momentum, etc. can change dramatically and vary wildly also. In short, the conservation of most observable physical attributes such as energy, mass, and momentum simply can fail.”[7]



So far we have discussed Special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity. There is nothing in these theories that even hints that gravity can be harnessed for our practical purposes and invention of gravity based perpetual motion machine is possible. So far no theory of gravitation has indicated that gravity can be used for our energy needs, and thus all energy problems can be solved. Various theories of gravity with lot of mathematical work in them utterly fail to indicate that perpetual motion based on gravity can be effectively utilized as a source of energy. It seems to me that Orffyreus was far ahead of natural philosophers and physicist in what he knew about gravity and its laws.


Perpetual motion is the grand mechanism which has its display everywhere. The motion of the earth, planets and sun and stars are governed by perpetual motion mechanism. Planets move endlessly in the sky. Elementary particles move ceaselessly inside atom, then why should terrestrial endless motion be not possible? Perpetual motion also demonstrates that nature is integral with the same laws of operated throughout the Universe. After all, nature is integral and impartial. There is no hard and fast dividing line between the terrestrial, celestial, spiritual, microcosm and macrocosm. This is basic of perpetual motion mechanics even if a body is resisted by friction forces, it can continue to move forever. Nature does not impose any limitations on terrestrial phenomena and deprive terrestrial beings from the advantages of a perpetual motion machine.


 In order to devise a gravity perpetual motion machine, first we need to understand how do the heavenly bodies move and, how are these movements related to one another? What mechanism, geometry and forces of nature govern such motion? Can we terrestrial being copy this great mechanism in the form of machine?


 Discovery of gravity as an inexhaustible source of energy and gravity motor that would generate unlimited amount of energy is final solution to combat energy crisis for the development of the most economic and effective methods of generating electricity at mass level. If there is such a wonderful energy, what has prevented us from using it for our energy needs? It is our conditioning, our collective world view that we have been taught by our scientist and teachers that perpetual motion is impossible. I would prefer to call this hypnosis of social conditioning, by which we have collectively agreed to accept words of authority without question.


 It is obvious that fossil fuel, hydro, tidal, and geothermal power sources are limited in magnitude and limited to a few geographical area. No energy technology is so free of environmental risk that its adoption brings only benefits and no disadvantage. If growth in energy supply in future is to be achieved without perceptible damage to the environment, adoption of perpetual motion technology is needed.


 Gravity is unlimited source of energy which each inexhaustible so long as our mother earth exist. It is the self reliant fuel that requires no foreign exchange, creates no pollution, is present everywhere.


 Gravity is unending source of energy, decentralized, neutral and free of cost for various uses. The gravity motor system is ideally suited to human environment as it is free from pollution and noise. This can be best utilized in case of large magnitude of dispersed villages having no readily available conventional energy sources.


 Perpetual motion technology offers great promise for social change, the improvement and change in the working conditions, style of life, cleaning ness, leisure activities, and production increase. It can most effectively brought by introducing perpetual motion machines in our villages.


 To sum up, gravity as a source of power has following merits.


1.     Power is available all the time


2.     No expensive material is required


3.     No distribution is needed. It is present everywhere


4.     Useful in remote places - mining deserts Antarctica are, Tundra regions


5.     Ideal for all.


6.     It is alone among engines in producing very little heat, no smell and extremely low noise


7.     Powerful output in proportion to weight, We can take power to any extent we desire.





[1] Tom Bearden : General Relativistic Violation of the Conservation of Energy Law, 2007

Tom Bearden prepared his paper “informally in answer to a question on observations of very unusual electromagnetic  and physical phenomena occurring in tornadoes etc.


[2] Kurt Gödel, "Über formal unentscheidbare Sätze der Principa Mathematica und verwandter Systeme" ("On Formally Indeterminable Propositions of the Principia Mathematica and Related Systems)." Monatshefte fur Mathematik und Physik, Vol. 38, 1931.

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