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Why does earth encircle around the Sun? Why do seasons revolve in perfect harmony? How does Universe function? While physicist do not have answers to the ‘whys’ of world, that is for philosophers to debate and for the perpetual motionists to imitate and invent. But what we perpetual motionists know is altogether different and what we do is what creator did at the beginning to set the world in perpetual motion. One more point may receive passing notice. While imitating design of the solar system, perpetual motionists hold the view that planets move for indefinite period of time not as a result of a force from the past. They move with respect to a current force because of design of perpetual motion.


It should  be remembered that those perpetual motionists like Cornelius Drebbel, II Marquis Of Worcester and Orffyreus who are “master of weights and master of water” have demonstrated diverse kinds of ‘natural magick’ by understanding perpetual motion which is hidden language of the Universe.  Based on unique properties of substances, their proper proportion and organization, perpetual motion is necessary mechanism of God’s or nature’s operation and arrangement of the world. Without perpetual motion the world would collapse and cease to exist. Perpetual motion dance is one of the truest expressions of dynamic nature. Perpetual motion that incorporates principle of harmony and synergy imply the need to look on the world as an undivided whole, in which all parts of the Universe including the observer/ designer merge and unite in totality.


Entire Universe is in state of perpetual motion. All motion is not same. Some motions are ordered and some are disordered. Ordered motions are the most efficient. You might say they work out the best or they do not require energy to effect. Disordered motions are those that require more work and use up energy unnecessarily because they are inefficient. Look at the vast Universe; you will see that the Universe is absolutely efficient. Nothing is ever wasted. Life cycles itself in innumerable ways out of itself, perpetually creating new forms out of its older forms. Perpetual motion operates in different modes at different levels. Thus, we have ordered perpetual motion and we also have disordered perpetual motion in Nature. It is possible to obtain work from the both modes of perpetual motion in Nature, in other words, it is possible to devise perpetual motion machine based on ordered and disordered perpetual motion- for example, by using gravity and heat: first shows ordered phenomena and other disordered phenomena in nature.  By using efficacy of natural forces, the law of perpetual motion working onto a particular design of matter ensures continual movement of matter even in presence of friction. Under essential conditions of perpetual motion, net result is augmentation of force that can be used to perform various kinds of works. This unbreakable law does not need to be administered or enforced by Almighty as His very dynamic nature, inherently, expresses the law of perpetual motion. Understanding this law that it is in operation at all times teaches us the wisdom of God how to create unlimited power out of nothing without effort, and also how His vast creation is sustained amidst opposing forces. The same law is built in the structure of matter, from atom to solar system and to galaxy and dynamics of it is imitable in the form of invention by the man of ingenuity.


Law of perpetual motion is deep; it can be used to formulate the whole mechanics of the Universe, as terrestrial and celestial phenomena are governed by same laws of perpetual motion. It is remarkable that basic law of perpetual motion, based on principle of harmony and synergy, continue to be valid in the celestial domain, from the level of solar system, the behavior of double stars and motion of galaxies, to the elastic motion of molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles in microscopic world too. Energy creates perpetual motion, and in turn, perpetual motion then creates more energy. Life is organic perpetual motion. Life begets life. Energy creates more energy; if not then Universe would come to a halt and would cease to evolve.


Our method is the study of the beauty, balance, harmony and inherent order of this spectacular "perpetual motion". Vedantist may not like a machine but we always love it for it is capable of transcending our consciousness. Perpetual motion is supreme science. In our concept, machine is not simply a transformer of energy, but creator of energy, creator of intelligence, consciousness and life.  Deva Ramananda is always trying to elucidate the structure of parts as well as abstractness of wholeness examining closely the ‘creative principle’ and the link between Consciousness and Manifestation. The design of perpetual motion provides the condition for the manifestation of energy, intelligence, consciousness and life. We believe that high density circuitry of electronic perpetual motion would create a perfect artificial intelligence someday to reveal us secret of consciousness.


Vedantist do not understand that the investigations into the perpetual motion also ultimately relates us to “infinite”, therefore, their crying complaint about the limitations of the mechanical paradigm to understand nature of “absolute” holds no ground in first place.  Not everything related to mechanical realms has been discovered and invented yet. Even basic perpetual motion is beyond the conception and comprehension of scientists. It is unfortunate that without knowing the essence of perpetual motion, its worth and value, its theoretical and practical implications Vedantists have wrongly construed machine and they have been prone to reject mechanical worldview. The situation in India is deplorable. Though perpetual motion has been the cultural heritage of India, I haven’t come across a single Vedantist who has contributed to this field. It appears that Vedantists are also not completely free from influence of science and have no courage to go against well established laws of science that rejects perpetual motion. However, recent scientific discoveries seem to corroborate to some extent the reality of ‘Brahman’. Physicists and cosmologists are somewhat closer than before to proving that there is one source behind the physical universe, and they call this source the unified field. However, pity the Vedantist who are erroneously trying to prove Vedanta through implications of E=MC2. We shall see in detail in the following pages that E=MC2 is as false as “Maya’ because it deals with phenomenon world and relativity, Vedanta deals with “absolute” truths beyond relativity. There are many more differences between Vedanta and relativity, the higher and lower, they are like oil and water. They cannot be mixed together and one day Vedantist will have to make their choice between them if they wish to progress and not to remain stagnant.  However, in a broader sense, Brahman, the Vedantic concept and the unified field of physics are pointing in the same direction if they are not perfectly synonomous.


After having wealth of Vedic perpetual motion inherited from past, Indian scholars had a very great and important work before them in introducing perpetual motion to the West and further develop it to make it part and parcel of their science and technology to perfect their lives. They couldn’t prepare themselves to do this, so that they as well as West could also benefit from Vedic wisdom, instead, Indian scholar swallowed western science almost instantly without giving a critical eye to it and failed to compare it with truths of Vedas and foresee the consequences. We failed to criticize western materialism and intellectualism, on any sound grounds, judging it dry and excessive. We failed to have developed an early penchant for perpetual motion and any zeal to reinvent it. Without seeking balance and harmony, we even failed to maintain the right place for perpetual motion for the simple reason that it is theoretically disdained by the western science.

While the West benefited from the wealth of India’s philosophy in many other ways, we couldn’t benefit from our own .heritage and realize the truth that perpetual motion is not only possible but also a great treasure that has all kind of potential and scope to get further developed by us to the stage Rg Vedic aerial flying vehicles that moved across space could become a reality to make us the most advanced technological race in the world. We could have therefore an opportunity to seek out what is good for the present use in ancient forms and then not hesitate to reject the rest, the rubbish that was from West, whilst we would add new materials from Vedic wisdom and develop them particularly suited to contemporary needs. Hence instead of blindly relying on knowledge from the West, our scholars could have been enough intelligent, flexible in mind to adapt perpetual motion to the requirements of academic and social forms, to the needs of the time in which we live.


After Indian astronomers proposed first designs of mercury driven perpetual motion wheel, no significant research has been made to elaborate the subject in India, no attempts have been made to establish the perpetual motion to refute the law of conservation of energy until Deva Ramananda took the task in recent times. Regarding actual construction of perpetual motion, Siddhanta astronomers do not provide a detailed picture. They describe marvelously the goal, but do not indicate all the steps to be taken to construct perpetual motion.  It is obvious, in order to prevent a profane to misuse the knowledge, they wanted to hide the secret. What Deva Ramananda describes to perfection is the complete roadmap to perpetual motion. He sets an aspirant on the journey of perpetual motion and acts as a counselor and guide.


Perpetual motion that creates infinite energy out of no-thing allows our generation to enter into an era in which science and religion/metaphysics are not any longer antithetical endeavors. No longer is spirituality outside the scope of scientific inquiry, rather perpetual motion  may give the most accurate description of nature of the energy and the universe, it explains  the power of human consciousness to seek the “impossible”, to realize the ‘ultimate reality’, and to create immanent reality, just like Vedanta claimed  many centuries ago. This new paradigm of perpetual motion, if understood, has enormous practical and philosophical implications, epistemological repercussions and must change our view about nature of the energy and universe and our impact on the immanent world. Perpetual motion is the link, the bridge, over the conflict between science and religions, it is the “art of creating something from nothing” that perpetual motionists have been trying hard to invent over the past many centuries ever since the Indian astronomers Brahamgupta proposed the first design of  Over-balancing wheel driven by mercury around 6th century. More or less, the same description of a perpetual motion machine was also given by Bhaskara in 1150. The idea of perpetual motion diffused in Europe. Villard de Honnecourt in 1235 described, in a thirty-three page manuscript, a perpetual motion machine driven by weighty hammers hung around the periphery of the wheel. In the 17th century, Edward Somerset II Marques of Worcester with the help of his mechanic constructed a working Over-balancing wheel that was witnessed by Royal dignitaries. Around 1712, Councillor Orffyreus invented and demonstrated various perpetual motion machines in different towns of Germany. I shall not go into the details of history of perpetual motion here as we are mainly concerned with implications of perpetual motion, to learn how it reflects upon the nature of energy.


“Where Does Energy Come From”?


Let us return to the crucial question. “Where does energy come from”?- the challenging question has been crucial for both the student of Vedanta as for those of perpetual motion. Just watch the perpetual motion machine that creates infinite energy out of nothing, and thus, witness the violation of law of conservation of energy. 


Deva Ramananda states: “Pursue the enquiry “where does energy come from?” relentlessly. Analyze energy of each part and whole. Try to find out the source, ask:  AM I the cause of the source? because from you, your thoughts begin, and it is from your creative thought that a new design of perpetual motion follows. You play a vital role as participants in the creative process of the universe. The creativity inherent in the universe is also within you. The consciousness pervading the universe is immensely creative, because you are expression of that consciousness, you are directly involved in manifesting energy wherever you are, and whenever you interact with anything. You are the designer of the perpetual motion machine, how can you separate a design from its designer? Go on with your meditations. Keep turning your attention within. One day the wheel of thought will cease and an intuition will mysteriously arise. Follow that intuition let your thinking stop and it will eventually lead you to the “absolute and “infinite”….be one with it.”


The most important question is whether the unlimited  energy that gravity perpetual motion creates is in the parts of machine, or in the gravity or inside us  or outside us? We have to find out whether energy come from space or matter ? Where energy is if it is not in our mind; if it is not in our mind we must seek it out side and if it is within our mind, we must seek it inside. But at any cost, we are required to seek it without which our experiment would be incomplete. If our experiment is not complete, then the perpetual motion that shatters the law of conservation of energy would remain an unproven supposition.


The perpetual motion can be seen as a dynamic design of interrelated parts. None of the properties of any part of this machine is fundamental; they all follow from the properties of the other parts, and the overall consistency of their mutual interrelations determines the structure of the entire machine that leads to creation of energy from no-thing. Energy does not come from parts. It does not come from out side source or from any particular source..  It comes from the wholeness of the machine, interrelatedness of parts of machine, the design and the designer and the rest of the world and the unknown that eventually leads us to “absolute” and Infinite.  According to Deva Ramananda the energy and universe itself are structured in a similar way: the energy of the Whole is potentially present in each of its parts.


“Brahma” the “absolute and “infinite” as signposted and arrived through the meditations on perpetual motion is not a concept, notion, abstraction, object of thought or any other mental construct. No, it is an actuality demonstrated by Over-balancing wheel. Where does the energy come from? We keep on asking.  In seeking the answer about the “ ultimate source”, it is the consciousness or awareness that manifests only when all thinking, analysis and argument subside, and deep stillness supervenes as Deva Ramananda states above. “Brahma” is living reality, source of everything, the true incorporeal substance of every creature, and it may be known only by direct experience.



Energy and its different forms are but experiences of our own consciousness, i.e. states of consciousness, which we instinctively attribute in external objects. Nevertheless, experiment of perpetual motion shows us that energy in its different forms is fundamentally one, for example, are not in the so-called material objects, but in our mind.


Perpetual motion demonstrates that conservation of energy by the analysis of the world into separate and static parts, though valid in a limited context, could not apply to a deeper reality, which must be conceived as an undivided, essentially dynamic totality. Deva Ramananda concludes that the nature of the material world is perpetual motional.  Perpetual motion machine is wonderful device to explain to our students the nature of physical reality. .Perpetual motion provides holistic mechanistic view of the dynamic world.


By constructing a perpetual motion machine, if what we are "seeking" is Infinite, then where is the need to go to other philosophy and religion? If the energy we "seek" is really absolute and infinite, then "from where" do we go "to where"? as we are part of it. Continue to Meditate over the question- “where does energy come from.”? The answer would eventually lead you to “infinite”, to the enlightenment and the bliss. In fact, no need to go anywhere except perpetual motion and try to seek it steadfastly, when you obtain it, just stay with “infinite” and be one with it. Our Upanishad says it: "The infinite alone is happiness. There is no happiness in the small."


Wordsworth understood this secret well:


... I was only then Contented,

when with bliss ineffable

I felt the sentiment of Being spread

O’er all that moves and all that seemeth still;

O’er all that, lost beyond the reach of thought

and human knowledge, to the human eye

Invisible, yet liveth to the heart

-         William Wordsworth The Prelude Book I

It is difficult to conduct the inquiry into ultimate Truth or Reality because we are conditioned, we have a tunnel vision: both the senses and the discursive or thinking mind are strictly limited in their respective fields of application. Senses and mind are adequate to create something, art, science, music, literature and above all inventions that are indeed crucial tools for the purpose of ensuring human survival in, and adaptability to the environment, but to create something from no-thing requires some extraordinary application of senses and mind. Moreover, the investigation into limitless “Brahma” calls for a tool which is itself limitless in its scope of operation. The limited can never comprehend the limitless: only the limitless can comprehend the limitless.

In our enquiry and meditation finally, why we get a unitary experience -a non-dual experience? Because our mind became momentarily pure (sattvic), our Awareness revealed it, our attention was drawn to it and the feeling of oneness, wholeness and completeness ensued and the experience of duality, multiplicity and discreteness disappeared. But what happens when under the influence of the veil of Maya agitation (rajas) and dullness (tamas) come into the mind? When mind becomes cloudy and dull, it no longer reflects Awareness. When the mind is disturbed and concentration on the object of meditation is lost, attention goes to the string of thoughts to the outward world.


Where does energy come from? With your tunnel vision and dual thinking, you will never get a right answer, you will forever fail to detect any ultimate source of energy outside of you! Your position is strikingly similar in its import to Bhagavad Gita 2.16,42 which is rather more clearly expressed:


“That which is not, shall never be; that which is, shall never cease to be. To the wise, those truths are self-evident.”


The secrets of perpetual motion are discovered in awareness. All experience takes place in Awareness. Your experiment and experience aren’t taking place outside of you. You only participate in the creative process that originates within you. You as a designer of perpetual motion cannot separate from the design of the perpetual motion machine. The ultimate source of energy you are trying to find out is within you. It is taking place in your Awareness and you are Awareness so the essence, the content, of every experience is you.


What would be the right conclusion to draw from the perpetual motion when we arrive at a unitary source of energy which is a non-dual experience?


The right conclusion to draw from a non-dual experience is that reality is no-thing, it is non-dual and that I am the ultimate cause of the universe. Aham Brahmasmi (I am the Brahma)  and tatavmasi (Tat Tvam asi) you are the same!.  I’m not separate from anything, irrespective of what I experience. You are not separate from anything of what you experience. We experience the same reality, therefore we are not separate This is what scripture says. Scripture is just the non-dual knowledge that comes from the non-dual experience of hundreds of sages over millennia. Knowledge is what should be left over after you have a non-dual experience…or any experience for that matter.


In order to understand the ultimate source and essence of perpetual motion, i.e. “Brahma”, we need to experience its reality in the spiritual world of meditation, which allows one to feel the “absolute” and “infinite” character of “Brahma”, its transpersonal power of pure consciousness. So here is the new paradigm: Perpetual motion can create energy out of no-thing, the fact of the matter is that matter or energy are not fact! Modern science is trying to validate the idea that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being. Now we can use perpetual motion to lay down the groundwork in an objective fashion to understand basic nature of energy, universe and consciousness and use Vedanta to guide us through the process. To reconnect scientific mind with the mystical mind through perpetual motion, and then experiencing consciousness and its power through meditation is extremely important and we as educators have the responsibility to offer this new paradigm to our students, the next generation of world leaders.



Perpetual motion is possible but the equation E=MC2 is impossible as well as it is false from Vedantic and perpetual motion point of view point. We shall return to this point in detail later. The truth is that EVERYONE, EVERYTHING, EVERY ATOM is manifestation of ‘Brihma’ and each of them is "infinite" in the content of their energy. It cannot be otherwise! Some have "realized" it through practice of yoga, but perpetual motionist has his unique way of realizing it through construction of a perpetual motion machine and asking, wondering and realizing “where does energy come from ?”.It is from “infinite” !Thats all!


How does the Infinite manifest as the Finite?


Both, Scientists and Spiritualists, are looking at the same question but because we believe in experiential reality, we look for an “experiential enlightenment,” therefore, we  perpetual motionist are practically trying to seek the “infinite” over the past centuries: While perpetual motionist is engaged in creating energy out of nothing by perpetual motion, and thus, learn the majestic art of “creation” to equal powers of god, the Scientists are merely asking how the wave manifests as particle... and Spiritualists are asking how “God” manifests as the Creation. Swami Vivekananda once said that the Sanskrit word for "Creation" is Srishti which means Manifestation. We better understand that entire existence is the case of energy creation.


Scientists and Spiritualists are looking at the same question that I have mentioned above. Science that has many limitations and follows a reductionist approach is completely incapable of answering this question, so scientists may pretend to find the answer to that question but what they will always get is distorted answers, never the whole truth. Whereas spiritualism does not seek answers, he believes in the supremacy of seeking the “the ultimate reality” the divine realization.  For a true spiritualist, it may not be the important question how God manifests the Creation but rather what is his own ultimate end and how to get to that end, which is actually the source of his beginning. For the perpetual motionist, the important question is to understand majestic arts of god or to understand the underlying principles of nature and imitate them for the welfare of mankind and in the process realizing the immensity of the ‘absolute’ and ‘infinite’.


Famous for scholarship of his work on science and technology in China, Joseph Needham (1900-1995) has commented on the Indian fascination with perpetual motion, “to seek the ultimate origin or predisposition of the Indian conviction in the profoundly Hindu world view of endless cyclical change, kalpa and mahakalpas succeeding one another in self-sufficient and unwearying round. For Hindus as well as Taoists, the universe itself was a perpetual motion machine.”


I believe that perpetual motion which is the cultural heritage of India represents the most radical practical spiritual philosophy in the history of mankind in many ways. Besides the realization of ‘ultimate reality’, we have all practical benefits that perpetual motion imparts us for the perfection of our life.  Perpetual motion is the panacea for the problem of energy crisis and pollution. ‘Mystical enlightening experiences’ alone do not solve the problems of mankind. The fact that perpetual motion plays an important role in our life cannot be undermined. It helps in the understanding of Nature and makes that knowledge available to us for our benefit.


Science is a subject that Deva Ramananda put into the category of what he calls as “secondary knowledge". On the other hand perpetual motion is art; It is god’s science of energy creation. Perpetual motion  is primary knowledge, a way of realizing and adopting principles of nature to acquire prosperity and perfection in life. The knowledge of perpetual motion includes the principles of energy, universe and life that are undisputable as has been described in the Vedas. For anyone to acquire a perfect sense of the world, it is important to realize the true principles of nature, and thus, harmony of perpetual motion and religion.  Deva Ramananda put them into the category of "primary knowledge". This means that primary knowledge has to be given precedence over secondary knowledge, but unfortunately because of heavy reliance on reductionism via scientific method and difficulty in acquiring the “primary” knowledge, the situation today is just opposite.


Discoveries in Modern Physics, especially the discoveries from the beginning of 20th Century, are making it more and more evident that many conclusions of Modern Physics are exactly the conclusions of Vedanta philosophy enshrined in the Upanishads and many other Vedantic texts. The Advaita Vedanta declares that at the ultimate level, the universe will be seen to have as its origin, not in discrete and multiple particles. The theory of relativity in respect of time and space, and quantum physics in respect of the root of matter have brought a radical change in the scientific world view. They have helped us to some extent how we understand the world.


Vedanta regards “Brahman” as the only Reality. “It is the ONE LIFE, eternal, invisible, yet Omnipresent, without beginning or end, yet periodical in its regular manifestations, between which periods reigns the dark mystery of non-Being; unconscious, yet absolute Consciousness; unrealisable, yet the one self-existing reality; truly, "a chaos to the sense, a Kosmos to the reason." Its one absolute attribute, which is ITSELF, eternal, ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance the "Great Breath,"* which is the perpetual motion of the universe, in the sense of limitless, ever-present SPACE. That which is motionless cannot be Divine. But then there is nothing in fact and reality absolutely motionless within the universal soul.”[1]


In his article “Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Physics”, P.J.Mazumdar states:

“But the claim of Advaita Vedanta is that at the end, there will be found to be only one Substance as the origin of the universe. This Substance will be continuous and not particulate, ie, analogue and not digital, so to say. But it will also not be of wave type, since it is homogenous, without change in any direction. It will turn out to be a ‘single block’ of substance, perfectly homogenous and unchanging in any way.

Besides this, this Substance will be independent of time and space, it will not be affected by time and space. The particles of the Standard Model are very much within time and space. In the superstrings theory, there are proposed some eleven dimensions of space–time, which are curled up. In the Absolute theory of Advaita Vedanta, this Substance is beyond space–time altogether, not affected by space–time, which is a part of the universe only and not of this absolute substance. (see Is Advaita Vedanta provable).

It is this Absolute Substance which is the spiritual goal of Advaita Vedanta and is named Brahman.”[2]



We have  excellent thoughts on “Physics and Vedanta’ by John Dobson.


“What we now call the philosophy of Vedanta (and I don't mean the practice, but the philosophy behind the practice of what we call Advaita Vedanta) was apparently invented by some very sharp physicists in India a long time ago, because a great deal of that old physics, including the identity of mass and energy (which, in modern times, went from Swami Vivekananda through Tesla to Mileve Einstein) is built into the Sanskrit language, and the language is very old. And those physicists discovered some very interesting and important physics, which we desperately need now if we're going to figure this thing out.


The Sanskrit word for this Universe if Jagat, the changing. But those old physicists were smart enough to see that, since change is seen against the changeless, there must be, underlying this changing Universe, an existence not in time and space, and therefore, neither changing, finite, not divided. That they called Brahman. The problem then arose, "How, then, do we see change? If what exists is changeless, how do we see a Universe of change?" and they said, "It can only be by mistake." So they studied mistakes, if they hadn't studied mistakes, they might not have seen it.

They pointed out that in order to mistake a rope for a snake, there are three things that one must do. First, one must fail to see that it's a rope. (That they called the veiling power of the mistake, Avarana Shakti.) Next, one must jump to the conclusion that it's a snake. (That they called the projecting power of the mistake, Vikshepa Shakti.) And finally, one must have seen the length and diameter of a snake. (That they called the revealing power of the mistake, Prakasha Shakti.) And that is what is so very important to our physics. It is because of the revealing power, the changeless, the infinite, the undivided must show in the physics.

Those old physicists sometimes referred to these three aspects of a misperception as red, white, and black. Black refers to the darkness of evening twilight; white, to the partial light of twilight (if you hadn't seen the rope, you never would have mistaken it for a snake), and red, to the fact that the perception was colored by imagination. They also referred to these three aspects as the three Gunas (Tamas, Raja, and Sattva).

The mistake of seeing the underlying existence in time and space they called Maya or Prakriti, the first cause, and it is said to made of these three Gunas. Tamas is said to have the veiling power. Rajas is said to have the projecting power. And Sattva is said to have the revealing power. (The veiling and projecting powers are presumably native to the genetic programming, but the revealing power, which is important to our physics, is native to sentiency itself.) To quote the Panchamahabhuta Sutras, "As if, being hidden, through the veiling power of Tamas, the nature of Brahman, through the revealing power of Sattva, shone in the otherness for which, through the projecting power of Rajas, it is, as it were, mistaken." What we see as energy is the result of this mistake, because the underlying existence (the changeless, the infinite, the undivided) must show through in what we see.


The concept of energy did not arise in European physics till 1845 with Thomas Young, but those older physicists saw that the whole Universe is made out of energy, which they called Shakti. According to them, energy is that underlying existence, which they called Brahman, as seen in time and space. And they could see that the underlying existence has to be changeless, has to be infinite, has to be undivided, and that it has to show through in our physics.

According to the Vedantins, the first cause of our physics is Vivarta, apparition. It is the mistake of seeing the underlying existence as in time and space. After that, things proceed by Parinama, transformational causation, because the underlying existence shows through in the mistake as energy, as gravity, electricity and inertia, which cause the transformations. Parinama is what we European physicists usually think of as causation. It is governed by the conservation laws. The form of the energy may change but the amount of energy, in any change, does not change.”


Though perpetual motion is heritage of India, it is not   exclusively the monopoly of the Hindu as in other parts of the world, many other ancient cosmologies have discovered the same principle of perpetual motion. Perpetual motion may be considered common heritage of the world as we are all connected because we are all ultimately one with the Absolute.. We cannot really separate ourselves from others. Science has now perceived this. Vedanta wants the interwoven and united character of all life to prevail around the globe. Thus, Deva Ramananda’s teaching of perpetual motion and Vedanta can be seen as an attempt at constructing a "Science of Truth," nay, in fact, it is the only attempt yet made at such a science. It provides nourishment for all humanity, the universal teaching par excellence; I shall not call it a religion, but the religion; I shall not call it a philosophy, but the philosophy; and also I shall not call it a science, but the Science of Truth i.e.  the science of ‘energy creation,’ therefore  path to free energy and freedom as well as path to spiritual liberation par excellence. Vedic perpetual motion is profound and deep as the ocean which contains virtually all the water of the world and in which all particular forms ultimately dissolve. Brahman, the Supreme Reality, is the undifferentiated One, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient therefore, all doctrines and points of view regardless of place and way they are held can be included in a complimentary way within the ultimate doctrine, Advaita. Everything, be it philosophy, science or religion, in the final analysis, is reducible to the ultimate essence, Brahman.



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