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Experience is subject to change and originators of thermodynamics had no experience of perpetual motion but Einstein still applauds a fundamental hypothesis suggested by experience.  He felt proud that laws of thermodynamics based on non-existence of perpetual motion, and also his theory of relativity fulfilled this criteria. In Einstein’s opinion the hypothesis of impossibility of perpetual motion is supreme. However, we know that the law of conservation of energy which is founded upon so-called 'axiom’ of impossibility of perpetual motion has nothing to do with actual observation of nature. It is hypothetical, and because of their prejudice, it does not take into consideration the true experience of the real perpetual motionists like Edward Somerset, II Marques of Worcester and Councilor Orffyreus who invented and demonstrated their perpetual motion machines.  The historical archetype of the cliché that “you cannot get something from nothing” inherited from Greek materialistic philosophers was assumed before any regard was paid to possibility of perpetual motion, history of actual construction of perpetual motion, observation of the actual movements of the celestial bodies, and when those movements were observed it was regarded as a necessity to analyze them in accordance with law of conservation of energy.


Without thinking, scientists have rejected perpetual motion and relapsed into the mental state completely conditioned by law of conservation of energy.  Misguided by its rhapsodized supremacy, they   imagine how nature ought to conserve certain entities in her manifold processes and then assume that she does so, instead of examining nature with an open mind and then expressing her observed behavior in rational terms.


Gravity is really mysterious force, ever since scientist began to study; gravity has puzzled them to arrive at no specific conclusions about its nature. Newton framed no hypothesis and provided  no  explanation for its origin. There is no satisfactory explanation for the driving force behind it or why it works the way it does. The old theories are being replaced by the new theories of gravity but without much success. Here follows statements from the leading scientists and groups troubled by the nature of gravity.

According to the contemporary Physics Education Project:


“Gravity is weird. It is clearly one of the fundamental interactions, but the Standard Model cannot satisfactorily explain it. This is one of those major unanswered problems in physics today.”


Ref: The Particle Adventure website funded by Contemporary Physics Education Project, “The fundamentals of matter and force: Gravity.”


From LiveScience:


"Gravity is completely different from the other forces described by the standard model," said Mark Jackson, a theoretical physicist at Fermilab in Illinois. When you do some calculations about small gravitational interactions, you get stupid answers. The math simply doesn't work."

Ref: Dave Mosher, Greatest Mysteries: “What Causes Gravity?” August 10, 2007, LiveScience.


The New Scientist states:

“Part of the problem with unifying gravity and quantum mechanics is what happens to gravity at small scales. The closer two objects are to each other, the stronger the gravitational attraction between them; but gravity also acts on itself, and as a result, at very small distances a feedback loop starts. According to conventional theories the force should then become ridiculously strong – which means there's something wrong with the conventional theories.” 

Ref: Michael Marshall, “Knowing the mind of God: Seven theories of everything,”March 4, 2010, New Scientist.


Scientists have attempted to explain gravity through the emission of the particle called "graviton" that carry a force of attraction but have no mass or charge. "Just imagine, though, the delicate balance, or should we say control that gravitons would have to have so that only some particles are attracted to each other instead of an unlimited force of attraction that would continue to clump all particles in an exponential and uncontrolled process".

“In addition, the gravity force carrier particle has not been found. Such a particle, however, is predicted to exist and may someday be found: the graviton.”

Source: The Particle Adventure funded by Contemporary Physics Education Project, “The fundamentals of matter and force: Gravity.”


Let us see in brief How Vedic sages observed gravity:


RV 1-32-15 states: “Gravity, the wielder of thunderbolt is sovereign of all that is moveable and immoveable, ….it comprehends all things (within it) as the circumference comprehends the spokes of a wheel.”


RV 10-48-5: “Gravity has absolute sovereignty over all other forms of energy, gravity cannot lose any amount of energy, and it cannot be destroyed.”


Physicists know gravity exists, they can describe its effects, but they cannot tell us why and how it works. Gravity is like an Albatross around the neck of all physicists since they know little about its ultimate nature. While formulating his law of gravitation, Newton was perplexed by the fact that gravity does not appear to extract any energy from the affected masses, which is contrary to the law of conservation of matter and energy. As I already stated Einstein himself confessed that his Special theory of relativity fails to apply to phenomena of gravitation.


The investigation of physicists into the force of gravitation is like an elephant being examined by blind people around it. Force of gravitation is indeed mysterious as its nature is very much different from other forces. In 1721, Newton was more troubled by Orffyreus’ amazing feats of perpetual motion when his ally professor s’ Gravesande informed him about authenticity of Orffyreus’ Gravity perpetual motion wheel installed at the castle of Weissenstein that was rigorously tested by him in presence of other members of board of examiners appointed by Count Karl I von Hessen-Kassel (1654-1730), the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel.  Gravesande was amazed to see that the wheel performed useful works without any input of energy from outside. Ignorant of all these facts, Einstein applied the general theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe as a whole but we know that it cannot account for the dual nature and creative aspect of the gravity, its special ability to cause expansion and contraction of matter as revealed by Vedas, the fact is also crucial to design of Over-balancing wheel. In recent years, cosmologist have observed the expansion of the universe that neither Newton's nor Einstein’s theory can completely explain.  Definitely, some scientists are looking for alternative theory of gravity or a modification of Newton's or Einstein's existing theories. At present few understand that Perpetual motion can perfectly account for the existence and behavior of the matter and energy in concord with creative principles of nature that Vedic philosophy and cosmology expound in great details through personification of natural forces into different kinds of gods, their correlation, harmony and synergy. If known observations do not fit into our current understanding of gravity, we perpetual motionists have no choice but to alter or abandon those theories and return back to wisdom of Vedas.   The purpose of Vedic background will be to review the main points of the disagreement with the theory of relativity.  The overall perspective is that the relativity is primary based on ignorance of Einstein about true nature of gravity, it is philosophically motivated with extraneous matters, finally, we are led to conclusion that relativity fails in its purpose to demonstrate true nature of energy, gravity, space and time. Deva Ramananda rightly claimed that the foundations of relativity were only fabricated and even self-contradictory. He explained that effects like the constancy of the speed of light, time dilation, and length contraction may appear to be mathematically consistent as a whole, but in reality they are false as they have no physical correspondence.  So a different order based on perpetual motion parallel to Vedanta that naturally explains expansion and contraction of matter was proposed by him. Moreover, truth spoken by Deva Ramananda is well evident as he translates these principles into working design of a gravity based perpetual motion machine that was invented by Orffyreus around 1712.


There is nothing in the history of science more striking than the ignorance of the physicist to reject perpetual motion and raise one of the strongest laws of physics –i.e. law of conservation of energy- against it. Still physicists are not sensible to stop debunking perpetual motion and ridiculing efforts of a genuine inventor who wants to move a machine forever doing useful work without consumption of any identifiable source of energy. Perpetual motion is a 17th century answer to a problem that has challenged man for millennia – how can we create unlimited power out of nothing to drive our machinery? Over-balancing wheel owes its popularity and persistence to man's desire to escape from drudgery of work.


Deva Ramananda once asked how we should study perpetual motion?  Where should we start? Should we start with the solar system and celestial mechanics or the tiniest atom, with the gravity wheel of Orffyreus or with development of laws of thermodynamics that marked biggest blunder of science? Clearly all the examples belong to the “perpetual motion,” but a mere description of its parts or a critical section of it at any one period does not describe the profundity and unity of perpetual motion. For Deva Ramananda, perpetual motion is a continuous process of creation of energy from nothing, development from potentiality to actuality. Perpetual motion has great explanatory power as we are not required to find out more causes of natural things, for understanding of perpetual motion is sufficient to explain a large number of phenomena: the creation of entities or objects from nothing, their formation, development, evolution etc. Simpler the explanation, the better it is.


Whenever idea of perpetual motion germinated in the mind of perpetual motionist, he confidently rushed to the world to declare that “perpetual motion is possible”. His enthusiasm and confidence naturally issues forth from the power of truth inherent in perpetual motion. In addition, Orffyreus and Edward Somerset were convinced of working ability of their perpetual motion machine that they actually demonstrated.   The mental state of Einstein was hardly sound when the Special theory of relativity germinated in his mind, because when you speak a lie, you get nervous and confused.  Einstein stated his experience in these words: “When the Special Theory of Relativity began to germinate in me, I was visited by all sorts of nervous conflicts... I used to go away for weeks in a state of confusion.” Perpetual motion is so well verified by experience and experiment that it can be easily promoted to the status of being a fundamental theory of science or knowledge. We believe that a theory should describe nature as it really works. It should be testable and make accurate predictions of experimental outcomes not yet put to the test. We now examine some general features of perpetual motion as a scientific process and method. At physical level, the purpose of perpetual motion is to perform work without expense of any kind of energy and matter.  Perpetual motion is a method that follows specific steps like identifying a particular force, studying its basic characteristics and evolving the design of the device that corresponds to basic nature of the force. The advantage of following the method of perpetual motion is that it provides us inexhaustible source of energy provided our experiment is performed in a certain way using principles of harmony, symmetry, synergy and resonance. Perpetual motion is a specific way of obtaining energy without expense of anything. The only people who use it are perpetual motionists.  Perpetual motion does not require any mathematical wizardry to understand it. Perpetual motion can be easily understood by observing ordered patterns (Wu Li) in nature, understanding principle behind them and translating them into a working reality, by trying to create a device that will move forever without expenditure of any kind of force. Unlike laws of thermodynamics, perpetual motion is therefore, not theory ridden. I always point out to my students that the evidence of perpetual motion design in nature is so clear, that inventor cannot resist idea of imitating them for some practical benefits.  Perpetual motion is a way of knowing how natural forces can augment their power by their combined reaction onto matter, by their harmony and synergy. At the heart of perpetual motion are people committed to invent free energy devices wondering about inexhaustible source of energy, of aether, or something else which they call by another name, and believe that it can be perpetually drawn by their free energy device.  A process known as creation and annihilation of virtual particles accounts for this vast store of energy. Today, perpetual motionists are slipping into advance physics to understand phenomenon of free energy, there is hardly any need for that. Today, few perpetual motionists adhere rigidly to construction of Over-balancing wheel which is paragon of beauty and design.  We are well convinced that more or less same design moves our solar system. Perpetual motion cannot be the products of blind, natural forces, with no input from intelligence of any kind.  Like other intellectual activities, the understanding of perpetual motion involves a process of mind that is creative, intuitive, imaginative, and have a great utilitarian value.


They are blind who refuse to see the beauty of perpetual motion. They are deaf who fail to hear perpetual music of spheres in our cosmos. I believe that without understanding perpetual motion, physicists have become evangelists for law of conservation of energy. There are three components to this evangelism – the first is to regularly, circularly, and boldly profess impossibility of a perpetual motion machine which is consequence of their own unwillingness to critically investigate perpetual motion and thus, remain ignorant about perpetual motion, the second is to regularly debunk perpetual motion, and ridicule a perpetual motionist, and present him as  “Crackpot”, “pseudo-scientists,” “muddy headed,” “know-nothings,” “flat-earthers,” “charlatans,” “cranky” “nut”, “screwball” cheat, fraud,  and with  many other degrading terms in textbooks, popular magazines, TV, and virtually every other form of media.  Third is to frequently rhapsodize law of conservation of energy as the greatest law of nature, to praise Einstein’s relativity as the epitome of scientific theories and shower greatness upon all those who have ridiculed perpetual motion in most hateful manner and shown their devotion to law of conservation of energy without even attending to the problem of perpetual motion in proper manner. The fallacy we must counter is inherent in law of conservation of energy which is based on mere speculation and false assumption of impossibility of perpetual motion. Ad hominen attacks on us only prove their ignorance on the subject. What a perpetual motionist hears, he forgets. What he sees, he remembers. Whatever he does, he understands, therefore, we perpetual motionist are the real doers and have the message from our perennial ancestry that only “experiment” is the sovereign judge that has to be conducted, and tested to prove perpetual motion. The things we know best are the things we haven't been taught. Things we do haven’t been done before. Contrary to our spirit, Albert Einstein who preached a lot without doing, conducted no real experiment but only ‘thought experiment,’ once he confusedly remarked: “A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person who made it.”   Since perpetual motion is obtainable through a right and cleverly engineered experiment as one devised by Orffyreus and many other eminent perpetual motionists, we can trust perpetual motion as one of the most reliable method of generating energy out of nothing. Today, fallacy contained in law of conservation of energy is also being exposed by the free energy movement, and I advocate that science teachers must become familiar with it and also with perpetual motion, and introduce their students to them, as an “inoculation” against the law of conservation of energy.  We must boldly let students know that perpetual motion offers world view better than law of conservation of energy and the theory of relativity.


The free energy movement is crucially important for right science education because it can tell our young people an important truth about true nature of energy along with material benefits. In increasingly media-centered culture today, law of conservation of energy and theory of relativity are being presented everywhere with an evangelistic fervor not seen in the past. All the major media are saturated with high praise of Einstein and his theory of relativity that is said to have revolutionized physics. Nevertheless, there is no word of praise for the perpetual motionist as science has miserably failed to understand perpetual motion.  Law of conservation of energy is presented as being strictly a product of empirical observations and it is flatly stated that impossibility of perpetual motion is a “fact” supported by all the evidence. Ever since law of conservation of energy was established, perpetual motion is advertised as impossible, will-o- wisp, anti-intellectual, anti-science, and dependent on mere fantasy founded solely on ignorance rather than evidence. These erroneous views on perpetual motion constantly being presented to eager and receptive students, cannot fail to have an effect. They produce a mindset that is predisposed to dismiss the perpetual motion as a fantasy or something as totally unscientific, even if the child doesn't share these thoughts with the teachers, and even if the child is not consciously aware of them. As our students get older, they are bombarded with even more complex theories of science aimed at convincing them that perpetual motion is impossible. When applied as a hallmark to account for quantitative changes of energy in the universe, they say, the “law of conservation of energy is the only begetter of truth”. It is erroneously taught that universe can’t work without law of conservation of energy and theory of relativity. This is indeed shoddy science and pseudoscience!  Since students and teachers are not aware of true history of perpetual motion including works of great perpetual motionist like Edward Somerset, Drebbel, Councilor Orffyreus etc, they may easily be induced to reject perpetual motion altogether, and with it, their belief in an intelligent design. The false messages our student  receive lead them to believe that if one is well-educated and possess scientific temper, one must stop believing in perpetual motion  and should bow their head in  reverence to the originators of laws of thermodynamics. We know that perpetual motion is capable of producing unlimited amount of energy out of nothing that has ability to do work. But energy alone is raw energy. In processes of nature, the work needed is particular work; it must follow specifications; it requires information on how to proceed, therefore, it is difficult to conceive a universe in perpetual motion without some eternal intelligent principle behind it, therefore, we perpetual motionists are also one with our creationist brethren on the issue of intelligent design. Perpetual motion  makes it plain that without a designer there can be no perpetual motion machine, therefore belief in a Designer is a rational choice, one that fits a great deal of the evidence of our senses.


History of perpetual motion also proves role of ethics. The results of sin and evil have obscured the works of many great inventors of perpetual motion in past, the  mission of those who had no pure heart but only greed failed in the end.

Gravity and Perpetual Motion


I vividly recollect how Deva Ramananda inspired me to study Vedas. One day he spoke: “There are many mysteries in Vedas. Vedas are very powerful system of knowledge, if you are sincere and lucky, by decoding a single hymn, you can transform your single solitary fantasy into one million realities.”

He slowly began. “There are many designs of working of natural forces and parallel manifold dimensions hidden deep within each other in Brihamanda (cosmos). Meditation on any natural force opens the doorways and dimensions that lead to knowledge of subtle working of Universe. Vedic perpetual motion presents in depth (form & content) the mutual relations between the science, philosophy and religion on a universal scale.” I saw confidence in his eyes as he spoke to me. My curiosity was aroused by his description of Rg Veda and a different approach to it. I didn’t know if I could successfully decode the secret knowledge of perpetual motion in Rg Veda, but if it would help me advance in path of perpetual motion, I would definitely give a try.


My previous physical and metaphysical experiences with him had been so powerful, and at the same time so practical, that I had convinced myself that I was more than willing to follow his words, so long as it would continue to help me to explore perpetual motion in Vedas to become a better perpetual motionist. Deva Ramananda, a pious man had spent his entire life reading Vedic literature and maintaining contacts with spiritual masters, to name a few: Vinoba Bhave, Osho Rajneesh, Mahatama Bhuri Bai, Swami Onkarananda, Swami Maheshwaranada, Swami Yogeshwaranada, Swami Styabhakta, Shri Suraj mal Dangi, Avaadhut Ogad Gadbadanada Gantala, Nathu Ba, Shri Lalit Mastana, Shri Dayal Ameta and many more names which probably being a patient of Alzheimer's disease,[i] this author fail to remember here at this moment.  

While in the beginning, I didn’t really want Deva Ramananda to get involved with solving the riddle of perpetual motion or let him know that I too was seriously involved, suddenly I felt that I had to. I mustered my courage and asked Deva Ramananda a question that, without realizing it at the time, would take me on adventure that would change my life forever.

I asked: “who is the God (Natural force) you think meditating on that might help me to understand all about this, I mean perpetual motion?

After a brief pause, he spoke: “Perpetual Motion will unfold to those who take heed, who have an inquiring mind and are truthful in their approach. It is scheduled to happen very soon. Actual perpetual motion can only occur by Divine Intervention when the time of the truth has arrived. I think the best answer to your question for you is to study the god ‘Indra’ and meditate on nature of him, soon you will realize which natural force he is, how he works, what power he contains and how he creates entire world out of nothing and then, controls the Universe forever.”

I thought next moment Ramananda was going to prescribe me some rituals so I asked: “any rituals required before meditation”? 

“Oh! No, I know you appear to be a Gnyana yogi rascal, I am sure you will fail to perform them properly” Ramananda replied with hilarity. I persuaded him to tell me more about the God Indra.


Deva Ramananda continued: “Vedic sages called ‘Indra’ as “Nrityu,” one that causes and actuates everything in Universe to a perpetual dance. There is no sharp boundary between something alive and dead. I consider something to be, more or less, alive, if it has power of moving something else. Thales considered magnet as alive since it has power of attracting iron. Since gravity actuates everything in the Universe, I consider it to be a live, creative force and not to be a dead crude mechanical force as considered by Newtonians.  Since it augments its force in course of its action, Rishis have called him “Sva-tavah” or “svatvarita”[ii] (literally speaking one who is self-accelerated in its movement). And remember any force that augments its power in course of its action without drawing on any other source of energy is definitely a ‘creative force’ which stands in flagrant contradiction to the law of conservation of energy. Since our reverend Rhisis have sung largest number of hymns in his praise to delineate its characteristics, functions, its modes of operations, its correlation with rest of natural forces, I shall recommend that you research into “Indra”, if you are really willing to understand his nature that creates this eternal mystery of perpetual motion, music and dance of little and big spheres in Universe.  I know you are trying hard to translate design of solar system in your invention. I hope you succeed soon but that’s not so easy unless you understand the mechanism and modes of operations of “Indra”. If you know some of his modes of motions, sometimes similar to  the movement of “roller coaster”,  at some other time like contraction and expansion like a bellow; it would   be of enormous help to you to embark on construction of over-balancing wheel with greater confidence.  Come with me to ‘Gulab Bag’ library, you have grappled enough with perpetual motion, I know, now it is time for you to stick to the  studies of Vedas to understand perpetual motion.” after this Deva Ramananda paused and left me brooding over mystery of perpetual motion. 


Perpetual motion is the way of knowing and realizing the ultimate power behind the mystery of life and other physical phenomena of Universe. I believe that knowledge of mechanical arts like perpetual motion can be used to describe and understand the forces, motions, and events we experience in the world.  Knowledge of perpetual motion is essential for understanding the nature of energy, the ultimate reality. Behind the complexity and confusion of natural phenomena, the world is ordered and perpetual motion is one of the ways to read that order.  Powers and truths are revealed to those who could cipher and calculate.


I learned from him that natural forces intimately connect everything in the Universe to everything else, through their perpetual motion in different dimension. When you are meditating, you are learning to interact with both the hidden portions of yourself and those of the Universe. During meditation, you leap to higher dimensions of consciousness.  These dimensions cause you to experience power, ecstasy and secret knowledge during the time you are meditating. The knowledge you obtain without effort is renewing and wonderful! So the point of meditating on a particular power of Nature is to experience the lofty and heightened feelings that come from this new awareness.


The first step towards action should be to cleanse the mind of the preconceptions and prejudices by which perpetual motion constantly being threatened. Beware of false law of conservation of energy. Having get rid oneself of false conceptions one could then embark on perpetual motion and learn the true science of ‘energy creation.’ Perpetual motion is the highest stage in the development of technology and is marked by production of power from nothing. When you first start to invent perpetual motion machine you should not look for a quick result. As a matter of fact when you first start inventing, you will probably feel that you are accomplishing nothing and simply wasting your time and energy. But if you continue to try to invent in spite of your doubts, after a few months you will begin to have more energy, feel happier, and learn that you have always one more design to be tried to obtain perpetual motion. While you try to obtain perpetual motion, you have to concentrate. When you are concentrating, you are unconsciously merging with higher dimensions, then, you go on exploring secrets of perpetual motion.


[i] A progressive form of presenile dementia that is similar to senile dementia except that it usually starts in the 40s or 50s; first symptoms are impaired memory which is followed by impaired thought and speech and finally complete helplessness. Shri Narendra Bamaniya himself got diagnosed for this disease and often warned me about this disease. 


[ii] RV 6-22-6 and RV 1-61-01. Other similar terms showing property of acceleration by gravity are ‘tavase’ (RV 1-51-15), ‘Adhri-guh’ or ‘Adhigrave’ (RV 8-12-2) and Svadhava (6-21-3). By applying Katapayadi Sukta to the blind saint Dirghatamas’ verse RV 1-164-2, the acceleration due to gravity has been found out to be 3.2 pi/second2 or 9.8 m/second2. for details on Vedic description of gravity see volume “Wisdom of Vedas and Follies of Science.”