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Appeal to Teachers and Young Students


Theory of relativity, laws of thermodynamics, the concept of an expanding universe and its expansion unto heat death are lies being told to the children to spoil their minds as all of them encourage surely feelings of hopelessness and nihilism in the mind of our students. It’s a very wicked thing to tell these outrageous lies to our children. Today student has to cram theory of relativity, its equations and all other stuff into his mind for the examinations, whether he likes it or not. Miserably, the way the education system and curriculum is structured these days, it plays a major role in the repression of genius, human potential, and the potential for self-realization and enlightenment. Especially, laws of thermodynamics suppress zeal of perpetual motionist to a great extent. “Perpetual motion, governing all, space-time, mind, matter, life, and consciousness, must be acknowledged as supreme science. The perpetual motion machine which inventor demonstrates is just translation of the physical principle governing the physical realm; but perpetual motion by creating energy out of nothing demonstrates its connection to the invisible spiritual   realm.”


 It is for these reasons that I believe science teachers must introduce their students to perpetual motion and Intelligent Design simultaneously, outline their strengths, and explain their importance. Many will argue that much ridiculed perpetual motionist has no influence in science to stir a revolution on earth.  A butterfly fluttering her wings in New Delhi if can create a tornado in New York, why not a perpetual motionist tinkering in his isolated workshop can create a tornado in the world of science. Everything is possible if one sticks steadfastly to his task. The only way that science can make progress is by showing that theories like relativity and thermodynamics are wrong and Orffyreus and his perpetual motion are right. If our students are not acquainted with thoughtful, educated, and true perpetual motionists, their beliefs will be strongly influenced in wrong direction and they might join the cult of physicist in future. Obviously, every student needs to learn the perpetual motionists’ position, so that they can see the flaws in the structure of science and bewildering inconsistencies in theories of science like thermodynamics and theory of relativity. They must also learn that development of law of conservation of energy is a long stride on wrong path, and theory of relativity littered with nonsense metaphysical speculations and mysticism stands more or less like a garbage religion.  As far as importance of argument of intelligent design is concerned, of course, no one but a creationist is likely to tell them this, but still perpetual motionists are in the best position to show them the truth by the demonstration of Over-balancing wheel which can be considered as a miniature solar system, epitome of order and design. Students must be informed that a great deal of the current evidence in cosmology and various branches of science is more compatible with the theory of perpetual motion than law of conservation of energy. The main objective of EEC series of books is to convince Science teachers of the importance of presenting perpetual motion theory, as well as to assure them that they can invent it easily. However, this is not the end of science teacher's responsibility. We should also be role models of rational, thoughtful, and perpetual motion trained people who are simultaneously willing to install gravity motors to eliminate energy crisis.


Perpetual motion will make life a lot easier, and I see even more promise for the future. It is unfortunate that daily assault is being made against perpetual motion and free energy. Professors are highly unlikely to let their students know that there is virtually no empirical support, whether from the laboratory or the field, for their belief that energy is always conserved in accordance with E=MC2 taught by special  theory of the relativity. Moreover, professor believes that perpetual motion is impossible as the laws of thermodynamics dictates, and then he is not willing and eager to construct a perpetual motion machine like a perpetual motionist.  I have better hope from school science teachers as compared to big professors in our universities.  After learning and teaching Orffyreus’ perpetual motion, science teacher should be eager to point out the very real scientific difficulties in accepting the law of conservation of energy as valid; to explain the reasons for adopting perpetual motionist’s view of world; and to share the scientific evidence that is consistent with the scriptures; along with data that challenge the law of conservation of energy; and explain to the students how he deals with all of it. Anything less than this abandons our students to the misrepresentations of perpetual motion around them, and this certainly undermines the mission perpetual motionist has in his mind when our schools and colleges are set up in the first place to impart wisdom and not something useless like theory of relativity and thermodynamics which erroneously rejects perpetual motion. My appeal to every perpetual motionist and particularly to every, science teacher is to bear witness to your faith in perpetual motion, your faith in Orffyreus, and to teach the falsity of law of conservation of energy.  Knowledge is power to our students, and it is up to us to give them the power to resist the temptation to believe the attractive lies that are being presented to them by the vested interest which is a part of materialistic culture of the 21st century in the name of science. Perpetual motion is the foundation they need for that resistance.


Scientific method has many limitations, therefore, in addition to this; meditation should be considered another method by which modern science can engage in a collaborative research with the spiritual teachings of Vedanta. Transformational changes require a certain kind of rigorous discipline and inner work which involves training the mind, or spiritualistic methods. The mind potential must be intentionally cultivated, through meditation. Children must be taught as early in life as possible, and before all else, about perpetual motion, the art of creating unlimited energy. What would be the practical benefit for our age of disseminating, as widely as possible, the teaching of truth of perpetual motion expressed in the Vedas? The benefits, I suggest, would be immense, but here I shall briefly consider only some of them. The primary cause of hatred, discord and violence among people in every age and place is because of the poverty, the perception of difference of many kinds like the difference of living standard, difference of nationality, race, age, religion, class and so on. The indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and advancement of science and technology and society based on oil economy   has only added to this difference. Contemporary secular human rights doctrine, with its emphasis on human equality, has failed to resolve these differences. The notion of human equality is shallow and unconvincing, because it is not backed by the force of spiritual truth and law of perpetual motion. Free energy from the perpetual motion can be a revolutionary factor for bringing the human equality.  The recognition and practice of the perpetual motion have much to offer us: sovereign remedy for many ills of our age lies in adopting the philosophy and science and technology of perpetual motion.


So here is the new paradigm: the fact of the matter is that matter is not a fact! Modern science is trying to validate the idea that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being.