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Orffyrean School of Arts and Perpetual Motion

Mission Statement

Although “Fortress of God”  primarily focuses on perpetual motion and religion that are in accord with basic tenets of philosophy that “ God created world out of nothing and you can also  create something out of  nothing since you are made in image of God”, the school   is not limited to any particular technology of perpetual motion,  faith, time, or place. It encourages the study of all forms of perpetual motion, religious groups and beliefs among the various people of the world, past and present who have faith in one Universal energy, in order to encompass the diversity of interest in the field of perpetual motion and free energy and to encourage the widest possible comparative perspective on perpetual motion and religion. Because the great questions of life do not fit neatly into single disciplines, the Orfferean School of Arts and Perpetual motion  has chosen to be cross-disciplinary and to include perpetual motion inventors, scholars from all academic disciplines by whom greater insights may be gained into the myriad of topics which relate to the study of perpetual motion,  religion and society.


The Orffyrean School of arts and Perpetual motion  will be  entirely free from educational, political, or ecclesiastical control. Dedicated to practical solutions of perpetual motion and an idealistic approach to the solution of human problems, the schools  program stresses the need for the integration of technology, religion, philosophy, and the science of psychology into one system of instruction. The goal of this instruction is to enable the individual to develop various free energy devices and a mature philosophy of life, to recognize his proper responsibilities and opportunities, and to understand and appreciate his place in the unfolding universal pattern.


Deva Ramananda said:


“Perpetual motionists are the foundation of the nation, the only wealth that I cherish. Perpetual motionist is my all; my entire property consists of perpetual motionists; I have offered myself to them.”

In the  "Fortress of God", technical and spiritual education will be integrated harmoniously with ethical, physical, and metaphysical sciences.

“The end of perpetual motion is free energy, the ultimate energy that connects us to "Absolute" and "Infinite". Perpetual motion is the ultimate and surest path to power.  The end of education is character, and the end of knowledge by learning all arts and sciences."