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Orffyreus Vs Einstein

“I, Orffyreus, ask thee the words of our Lord God,
“Are ye also yet without understanding?”



There are some  compelling similarities and dissimilarities  among the important kind of works that Einstein and Orffyreus performed despite they lived in different times. At first, I was ignorant towards this fact. Slowly, a pattern of thoughts emerged during my investigations into their works.  Orffyreus was a practical perpetual motionist while Einstein a theoretical physicist. Where Einstein significantly differs from the Orffyreus is his lack of a practical ingenuity.  Orffyreus had good mechanical ingenuity; on the other hand, Einstein himself acknowledged that he lacked practical ability since his childhood.  Therefore, the difference in their respective occupations can be seen as a consequence of their abilities.However, in search of some absolute source of hidden energy, both of them went beyond the traditional methods of energy generation to the world’s amazement.  While Einstein suggested the lullaby equation E=MC2 , Orffyreus actually built a gravity wheel that served as inexhaustible source of energy. Both of them pondered over the nature of gravity and arrived at amazing results. Both of man married twice and because of their premarital relationship, they faced controversy over the  illicit baby that was lost or murdered after birth.