“The perpetual motion of solar system consisting of  the planets rotating on their axis and revolving around the center of Sun is one of the most fascinating spectacles that may be put in first place among all natural designs that can be known through direct observation by rational mind, but its deep secrets and underlying mechanism  can only  be realized by intuitive mind so that design can be imitated and constructed by the right ingenuity and dexterity of human beings. Doing so provides us an opportunity to understand the working of the mechanical realm as well as to have a direct experience of ‘ultimate reality.  By providing inexhaustible source of energy, perpetual motion directly links us to the “Absolute” and “Infinite’- the ultimate source of energy and everything.”


        Deva Ramananda

This website is intended for those who would like to understand perpetual motion and at the same time, understand the failure of the theory of relativity to reflect anything significant upon the  true nature of gravity and energy, in general, hence, it fails to cope up with problem of energy crisis, which  perpetual motion solves in a simple practical manner. The website is especially well suited for those who aspire to one day add to our knowledge of perpetual motion; for researchers in the field of  science and technology of ‘Energy Creation’ or Free energy. One of the great achievements of Orffyreus in 18th century was to invent mechanisms of perpetual motion.  His technology of Gravity Wheel  fascinated a large number of inventors, in various attempts to replicate it, various forms of perpetual motion emerged later, therefore, the perpetual motion expanded from the traditional Gravity Wheel to include miscellaneous kinds of free energy devices. The purpose of this website is to help you explore some very foundational elements of perpetual motion, especially, those most important for understanding perpetual motion. In it, you will learn some of the laws of perpetual motion and discover how they can enable anything to remain in perpetual motion and therefore, create free energy. You will also see how the laws of thermodynamics are erroneously defined by the alleged impossibility of perpetual motion; we will also see that there are no constraints physical laws places on perpetual motion. During later half, we will focus on mechanical and metaphysical aspects of perpetual motion, including it’s parallelism with Vedanta.


Everything that glitters is not always gold. When we ponder about  life and scientific works of two extraordinary men, Bessler/Orffyreus (1681-1745) and Albert Einstein ( 1879-1955) and compare their failure and success, many thoughts arise in our mind. The differences among their stature and scientific works  may  remind us famous quote of the poet Shakespeare who said aptly :  “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Here, I invite you to study, impartially, life and scientific works of these two men and  make your own judgement to find out: who was born great, who achieved greatness and to whom the greatness was thrust upon?

Let me tell you what I have found about them. To the delight of his religious parents, we know, Bessler   was born as a brilliant child with outstanding abilities, later, he achieved greatness by his life long devotion to perpetual motion. Contrary to it, only to give  worries to his irreligious Jewish parents, we know, Einstein was born almost moron,  he started his career from mere patent clerk but later, Einstein had greatness thrust upon him. The difference between the two  is that Orfffyreus didn't seek for the greatness but primarily for the truth, on the other hand, Einstein sought for the greatness, truth was secondary to him. The story of these two men demonstrates that  the World has strange ways of reception of a particular man or anything related to him, it is no surprise that reception in many cases is not always according to  person's ability, value or worth of a particular thing he produced. The outstanding case of Orffyreus and Einstein, their unpopularity and popularity, their works - perpetual motion and the theory of the relativity, and their truth and falsehood, respectively,  have enough solid evidences that can shake and shock anyone to realize, eventually, the bitter fact that  quality; honesty and truth seldom make anyone great as if they are not important things in the quest of truth, but certainly, power, diplomacy, money, support and propaganda behind a particular thing make the difference to make anyone hero. Because of skepticism, Orffyreus gravity wheel received harsh criticism and created antagonism. Though his ideas were sound, his invention genuine, original, revolutionary and groundbreaking, Orffyreus was received indifferently by his contemporaries in various ways for many reasons: Jealousy, skeptic arrogance, envy coming from ineffectualness, impertinent curiosity due to poor imagination, ignoring due to bigotry,  mean demeanor from all so called authorities, conspiracies by enemies and mean personalities.  Orffyreus had to struggle a lot to establish the truth of his Gravity Wheel, he wandered from one place to another to demonstrate his Gravity Wheel, often found himself in adverse circumstances, and we know how he was prosecuted. It is unfortunate that  he came to be looked upon as a fraud, and eventually, almost forgotten today. On the other hand, with all due respect, look into the life of Einstein, the way he was felicitated for his theory of relativity, a mathematical work, largely incomprehensible and having any direct correspondence with reality. The gravity being caused by space-time warping appears to us like a bunch of pure nonsense. However, thrilled with the reception, his general theory of relativity received, Einstein became a world wide celebrity. Wherever Einstein moved, world rushed to greet him. Orffyreus died hungry without rewards, he left only her widow to mourn, and later his name went into oblivion without any memorial. When Einstein died, world mourned for him, world leaders came forward to shed tears upon his loss  and big statues were cast in his memory.

What are the ingredients for Bessler’s greatness? To resist lies of scientific man, To diverge from the opinion of majority, to dream the “impossible”, to look up with unquenchable thirst and unquestionable faith in his  goal, to strive steadfastly to achieve the extraordinary goal of perpetual motion that even the best talents in his time could not conceive as something possible, to prevail amidst failures, to  bear up under loss, to fight the bitterness of failure  and the weakness of sorrows, to try to be victor over anger and his instincts, to maintain the religiosity and character even when he was  surrounded by bandits who wanted to rob him at any time,  to smile when tears are close, to have a control over  base instincts, to inspire other people with some extraordinary idea, work for the service of humanity,  to love God and  to leave a legacy that would puzzle next generations for hundred of years,  that is what Orffyreus could do to make himself  great! On the other hand, artistry, imagination, conditioning, plagiarism, mysticism, scientific spirituality, "cosmic religious feelings", mathematical abstraction and jargon, diplomacy and lobbying etc are the essential ingredients of Einstein’s priesthood of physics and his priest-craft that made him great!.


  "But such is the infelicity and imhappy disposition of the human mind in the course of invention that it first distrusts and then despises itself: first will not believe that any such thing can be found out; and when it is found out, cannot understand how the world should have missed it so long."


    —Francis Bacon " Novum Organum," Chap. CX.


But such is felicity and clever disposition of the scientist in the course of development of a scientific theory that first he will find the facts to fit his theory, will manipulate them by applying mathematics to yield the results he himself would not believe. Later, he would find followers who will apply the new theory only to those phenomena where it stands always good and valid. Any phenomenon which invalidates his theory would be considered either as unnecessary or non existent. In this regard, we shall see that the laws of thermodynamics that rejects perpetual motion, and Einstein’s much rhapsodized theory of relativity are no exceptions.


Albert Einstein once said: “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” Here we are raising new questions, new possibilities  by bringing old problem of perpetual motion in new light of Vedic wisdom, we hope that doing so would mark real advancement in science and technology as Einstein stated.


This website attempts to investigate life and works of  Orffyreus/Bessler and Einstein and compare them impartially. Go through this website to judge two great men and their extraordinary works. The website has an opinion poll in the end to let you  cast your vote, to find out whether you agree or not with the following statements in the pictures below:



First Meet Orffyreus, our Hero!

Around 6th  century, Siddhanta astronomers Brahmagupta and Lallacharya  proposed  some designs of perpetual motion wheel driven by the weight of quicksilver, in fact,   they  were inspired by Vedic Wisdom  that observed principle of perpetual motion, harmony and synergy in nature with a holistic approach. After the basic idea of perpetual motion went to Europe, in the process of diffusion of knowledge, in the mist of time, its spiritual counter part was either lost in the materialistic culture or it did not arrive there.  In Europe, only the materialistic aspects of perpetual motion fascinated a large number of inventors  to invent perpetual motion machine using diverse forces of nature.  The great was the interest and struggle as a large number of inventors by using natural agents like  gravity, magnet, water, and air,  proposed and  constructed innumerable designs of perpetual motions of all kinds, eventually,  it was obtained by some outstanding inventors who were determined and had chosen to devote their life time in the search of perpetual motion. Orffyreus, a true adventurer of the perpetual motion is probably the greatest and most disturbing, perhaps the only magical inventor of perpetual motion in eighteenth century in the Western world.

Around 17th -18th century, while the leading scientist had been preaching about the perpetual motion as something impossible in mechanics, Orffyreus, armed with his vitalist temper and adventurous spirit tried to achieve the perpetual motion in practice. Orffyreus can be best described as a blend of operating inventor, engineer, physician, ardent Christian and the protagonist of Rabbi doctrines in vogue his times.  His life and works, one of the great adventure stories of the 18th century is our main concern, an interested reader can consult John Collin’s book  as the best introduction to all things Orffyrean  - ours is a more critical and investigative, even with inquisitive approach.

Orffyreus first studied divinity and medicine, but devoted himself mainly to the cultivation of the mathematical sciences, and especially of mechanics. At his young age, he preferred to live the life of a 'virtuoso', enriching his life by acquiring different kinds of experiences. After traveling through the length and breadth of Germany and Europe and engaging himself in various kinds of adventures, he entered into a convent as a lay-brother. There Orffyreus got disappointed to see that his skills would be of no use as the lay-brothers were restricted to ancillary roles, manual labor, and other secular affairs of a monastery.  Getting tired of the confinement, Orffyreus  soon escaped, and visited Italy. He then returned to Germany, and subsequently devoted himself to conduct researches into the nature of gravity to obtain perpetual motion.   It should be noted that his spiritual faculties play a significant role in  making of his discovery. At very young age, Orffyreus understood the allure of the occult and he overcame its temptations through great personal effort by channelizing his energies into the search of perpetual motion. In addition, the prolonged solitude he experienced in nature strongly heightened his inner mystic propensities. As a frequenter of Rabbi Circles also, he had already cultivated and trained his psychic powers before he had an invigorating dream that helped him to invent perpetual motion. The larger world has yet to do him justice and recognize that he was a genius. It is unfortunate that the majority of scientists still consider him as a trickster. Notwithstanding scientists’ false judgment, I must also regret the faults in his character that led to create his false perception. We find in his life the lack of fostering amicable relationships, in his writings we find exaggerations in making complaints, abusing his enemies; we find in his works his lack of skill in developing a theoretical framework of perpetual motion. However, we cannot blame Orffyreus for his lack of erudite and sophistication. Orffyreus is a type of individual for whom a lively interest in scholarship remained secondary to a perpetual motion quest involving his whole ‘being’. His case seems particularly interesting to us due to his life long and profound stay at the perpetual motion. .....

Orffyreus built many wheels and demonstrated them at various places in different towns of  Germany. And how did his Gravity Wheels work? How  can we reinvent Orffyreus’ perpetual motion Gravity Wheel? How does it help us to understand true nature of energy and its behavior?  These are the questions that require detailed answers and also going back into a detailed history of perpetual motion that is also delineated by Dr. Ramesh Menaria in his Forthcoming EEC Series of Books on Perpetual Motion and Free Energy in a new light.  Well, no high physics is involved in working of the Orffyreus wheel as  entire Orffyrean mechanism rest on harmonious application of natural forces, in his system gravity being the predominant force   works on all essential parts of machine  through a structured framework of wheel consisting of eight weights, levers, four cross bars and springs, all assembly  mounted on supports and aiming at augmentation of force through  harmonization and coordination of various links and centres that would (at least, that's the theory) facilitate the preponderance of the moment in half of the wheel and thus, keep it moving forever. So a Gravity wheel is a combination of rigid and flexible bodies so arranged that by their means the gravity can be manipulated to perform work. By combined reactions of parts, accompanied by certain determinant positions of heavy weights and their motions disposed in such a fashion that the gravity wheel has preponderance of the weight breaking the symmetry of the wheel to cause the rotation of the wheel forever so that quantitatively work is produced at no expense of the natural force, such a system when designed to work renders mechanical force into an inexhaustible source of power violating the first law of thermodynamics.

Whether we regard the depth of Orffyreus’, his practical knowledge about  about the nature of gravity, the extent of his research, the accuracy of his experiments, or the beauty and originality of his invention, in whatever way we contemplate his works, our admiration is equally excited!

Indeed Orffyreus was an original inventor! Now, let us  meet the Albert Einstein, the the greatest man of 20th century! We shall study whether Einstein had any originality in developing his theories.


Meet Albert Einstein!

In the beginning of the 20th century, when Guru Einstein performed rites of his thought experiments, the theory of relativity virtually exploded flooding the supermarket of modern physics. Today, Guru Einstein’s equation E=MC2 put you  to wonder and awe, but in his time, it didn't create much interest out side his circle of physicists and mathematicians . However, in 1919, when his newly developed theory of general relativity was verified by a team of English astronomers, not only he became the super hero of science overnight, but also the greatest man of the 20th century later in his career! We shall study the process of his cosmic unfoldment in becoming a world priest of physics and study main principles and characteristics of his priest-craft which are in general agreement with esoteric Tantric methods.......

Compare Orffyreus and Einstein!

There seems to be many compelling similarities and dissimilarities among the important kind of works Einstein and Bessler/Orffyreus created despite they lived in different times.

Orffyreus was a practical perpetual motionist while Einstein a theoretical physicist. In search of some absolute source of hidden energy, both of them went beyond the traditional methods of energy generation to the world’s amazement.  While Einstein suggested E=MC2, Orffyreus actually built a gravity wheel that served as inexhaustible source of energy. Both of them pondered over the nature of gravity and arrived at amazing results. Both of man married twice and because of their premarital relationship, they faced controversy of illicit baby that was lost or murdered.

According to Eddington who was intrigued by the incomprehensibility of the theory of relativity, number of people who could understand relativity was not greater than three people.


"It’s well known that countless people throughout all ages have sought the secret of perpetual motion, but no one (part from myself) has ever found it. All the wise ones were looking for the same principle (of excess weight) that I have described.." 


“Therefore, my machine is the only one now in existence that accords to true physical principles.” 


Bessler- Apologia Poetica P 351 and 247

According to Deva Ramananda, on the account of difficulty in getting the mysterious secret of perpetual motion, the  number of people who could actually construct and obtain perpetual motion is also not greater than three. It appears that relativity and perpetual motion- both of them require some extraordinary understanding of physical realm. Looking to the metaphysical implications of relativity and perpetual motion that are parallel to Vedanta and eastern mysticism, we can say that their destinies of Orffyreus and Einstein were similar in that each would be chosen by Providence to present a teaching bridging East and West but their fate is dissimilar in how the majority of the world would recognize them because of their works. The Einstein always remembered and glorified in the books and media as the greatest man of 20th century is not the real Einstein, but actually a plagiarist if not fraud, on the other hand, the perpetual motion which authors paint in books and media is not accurately represented, therefore, Orffyreus who is  largely forgotten, ridiculed and considered as fraud is not the real Orffyreus but actually a genius and most obedient servant of god. Both of them have faced charges of trickery but of different nature. Still, Einstein amazingly succeeded in his mission, Orffyreus miserably failed in his mission........

Want to Know Deva Ramananda's Vedic Perpetual Motion?

The number of evidences drawn from the spectacle of nature does prove that perpetual motion exists. In brief, perpetual motion is in the Universe and Universe is in perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is a natural state for everything. Perpetual motion is one of the grandest principles of nature. Perpetual motion unites atomic, terrestrial and celestial phenomena in single physics applicable to all. Perpetual motion demonstrates the fact that whole is greater than sum of its parts. Perpetual motion essentially cyclical in nature does not depend upon the one principle or other but often combination of many within the whole. An essential ingredient of perpetual motion is harmony and synergy of forces working among the interacting parts of machine or the system to create more power out of nothing. When we set out to study Perpetual motion we enter the fascinating realm of the ‘creation of something from no-thing’, of wisdom that has been accumulated in our ancient texts over the centuries. The oldest formulation of Perpetual motion, which reveals us the mystery of creation, is made by Nasadiya Sukta of Rg Veda stating as: “anid vatam Swadhya tadekam” which means that the first element moved by its own power at the beginning of the universe or when Grand cycle of perpetual motion began.

The concept of perpetual motion forms the core of Vedic thought as Vedic cosmology, astronomy and philosophy are based on principle of perpetual motion, directly or indirectly, quite often through personification of powers of nature into Gods and describing  their role in creating and maintaining the perpetual cycles of the world. However, in this subject of ancient Vedic knowledge, no one really understands today what perpetual motion is all about because learning perpetual motion is not like mastering any theory of physics; it is mastering god’s science of energy creation. The ancient Indian Risis, sages, founders of sciences, they through whom many sciences were revealed, established Vedic Science, the God's science of the universe, God's science of self-knowledge, that very self-knowledge where God within us also knows Herself. Through processes of concentration, contemplation, meditation one achieves knowledge of fundamental principles of perpetual motion and an assimilation of the universe and oneself. When this, God's science of creation, maintenance and dissolution, through his power called will, knowledge and action, is absorbed, assimilated, and fully realized by the inventor he becomes then the master of perpetual motion.


In his magnum opus, Deva Ramananda adopts the same approach that I have taken here in this website. The perpetual motion and Vedanta, reflecting Ramananda’s views quite faithfully, is devoted to an inquiry into the nature of the world. Its sequel, the Wisdom of the perpetual motion, contains more original thoughts, and his response to the question: where does energy come from? introduces to us the concept of the “Brahma” in the form of Zero energy. Deva Ramananda adopts  deliberately a scientific approach, proceeding like a perfect scientist as well as a spiritualist; he proceeds from the known to the unknown, from concrete to abstract and from material to spiritual. Focusing on the sense of reason as well intuition and insight, he analyses nature of energy, work, and the laws that govern them, and eventually exposes falsity of thermodynamics and the theory of relativity......

                              Want to Construct a Gravity Wheel

In the end, Deva Ramananda guides us to replicate Orffyreus Gravity Wheel.



First Step: Understanding the Statement of Orffyreus ……



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